Adventures in Microphotography

I’ve created this page to bring together everything I’m posting about Microphotography, making photographs with a microscope. I’m still very new to this, but I’m methodical and research things thoroughly, so I’ll share my findings as my knowledge and understanding of this subject deepens.

If you are a seasoned pro at this and have the time to put me straight on anything that I’ve got incorrect, please drop me a line. Keep in mind that I enjoy the learning process, so I don’t necessarily need anyone to fill in all the gaps and leave me nothing to do, but correcting mistakes and constructive advice is always welcome.

Scroll down for more information, and if you are interested, I’ve published some of my Micrography work in my Portfolios section, and many pieces are available to buy as wall art too.

Micrography Glossary

Microphotography Glossary

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Using a Microtome and Staining for Microphotography (Podcasts 767)

In this week’s post, I share how I’ve been using a microtome and various stains to prepare specimen sections to photograph.

The Universe in Three Drops of Water (Podcast 759)

In this post, I share photographs and a video and invite you on safari in an entire universe of plankton life in just three drops of river water.

In Conversation with Award-Winning Microphotographer Håkan Kvarnström (Podcast 750)

I’m honored to be able to bring you a conversation with one of the top microscope photographers in the field, the award-winning Håkan Kvarnström.

Preparing and Photographing a Housefly with a Microscope (Podcast 748)

Today I walk you through the process of preparing a housefly to be photographed, and some tips on focus-stacking insects using a microscope.

The Moral Dilemma of Killing Insects for Photographs (Podcast 747)

Today we discuss killing insects to photograph them. I recently killed a housefly and photographed it. They usually just go into the trash.

Microscope Calibration, Micrometry and Magnification (Podcast 746)

The curious geek in me just figured out how to calculate the size of my microscopic specimens and magnification of my camera adapter and print sizes.

Using Helicon Focus for Microphotography (Podcast 742)

In this post, I share how I’m using Helicon Remote and Helicon Focus to create focus-stacked images in my recent adventure into microphotography.

Creating Micrographs of Polarized Citric Acid Crystals (Podcast 740)

In this post, I share the process of making citric acid crystals, as well as a number of micrographs of the crystals at 40X and 100X magnification.

Latest Rabbit Hole Update – Micrography (Podcast 738)

I’ve dived head-first down the rabbit hole of micrography and today share where I’m at, my first attempts, and plans for my near future exploration.

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