Diamond Humming Bird (Vitamin C 40X 30 Frames)

Adventures in Microphotography

I’ve created this page to bring together everything I’m posting about Microphotography, making photographs with a microscope. I’m still very new to this, but I’m methodical and research things thoroughly, so I’ll share my findings as my knowledge and understanding of this subject deepens. 

If you are a seasoned pro at this and have the time to put me straight on anything that I’ve got incorrect, please drop me a line. Keep in mind that I enjoy the learning process, so I don’t necessarily need anyone to fill in all the gaps and leave me nothing to do, but correcting mistakes and constructive advice is always welcome.

Scroll down for more information, and if you are interested, I’ve published some of my Micrography work in my Portfolios section, and many pieces are available to buy as wall art too.

Microphotography Information

AmScope SM-2TZZ-LED Stereo Zoom Microscope

Attaching a Camera

Camera Ports Both of my microscopes are “trinocular” or three-eyed. There are two eyepieces, which is less of a strain

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