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The podcasts are fundamentally free, and I intend to keep it that way, but there are costs for service providers, streaming file servers and site maintenance, not to mention the thousands of hours that go into creating a podcast and blog post almost every week since September 2005.

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Of course, you are totally welcome to listen to the podcasts without paying a penny, but with over 750 posts in the archive, we believe there is value in what we do, and have therefore made the decision to lock posts after a short introduction and only display the full posts to members that have pledged a minimum of $3 per month via Patreon. There are six tiers in total, ranging up to full Mentorship programs, but all tiers from $3 upwards unlock all blog posts. If you agree that there is value in what we do, your support is very much appreciated.

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Very Occasional Sponsors!

I value the trust that you put in me by lending me your ears and eyes each week, and I want you to know that for every sponsor we take on board, we turn down many others. I will never recommend a product or service that I would not or do not use myself. Many podcasters take any and all sponsorship that they can get, and believe me it’s tempting because the money really helps! But it just doesn’t feel right to me, so you’ll only ever hear about products I believe in on this podcast.

Getting to Podcast Images Without Paying

If you cannot bring yourself to help us out via Patreon, but you still want to see the images that I reference in most episodes, to do this online, use the Podcast Player page, and enter the episode number you want to follow along with below the player. For offline listening please check this post on viewing Podcast images.

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-Martin Bailey