Artist Feature – Commercial Photographer Curtis Hustace (Podcast 567)

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Art Talk, Interview, Podcast | 6 comments

Today I welcome Curtis Hustace to the show to talk about his thirty year career as a commercial photographer and to walk us through some of the techniques he uses when creating his beautiful still life photography.

As this was an ad-lib conversation, we don’t have a manuscript to share with you this week, so please listen with the audio player above, and follow along with the images we discuss below.

Curtis Hustace

Curtis Hustace

Here are the key discussion points.

  • How Curtis got into photography
  • Curtis’ 30 year photography career
  • We look through and discuss the five beautiful photographs below, including…
    • Come up with a composition, sometimes getting inspiration from old masters
    • Light sculpting techniques and post processing
    • How much Curtis’ personal project work influences his commercial work, or vice versa
  • Three pieces of advice for someone hoping to break into commercial photography
  • The importance of printing your photographs

Catch up with Curtis Online

Curtis Hustace on YouTube

Other Links

Here are some of the other links and people that we talked about during our conversation.

Helicon Focus Stacking:

Aaron Jones:

Harold Ross Fine Art Photography:

Here are the light modifiers that Curtis mentioned:

And here is a page discussing the tools required:

Curtis also mentioned:

Curtis’ Beautiful Images

Bowl with Fruit © Curtis Hustace

Bowl with Fruit © Curtis Hustace

Fruit With Cup © Curtis Hustace

Fruit With Cup © Curtis Hustace

Lemon Drop Maker © Curtis Hustace

Lemon Drop Maker © Curtis Hustace

Teapot and Cups © Curtis Hustace

Teapot and Cups © Curtis Hustace

Watch & Goggles © Curtis Hustace

Watch & Goggles © Curtis Hustace

Show Notes

You can find more of Curtis’s beautiful work here:

Music by Martin Bailey


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  1. Andy

    Wow – these pictures are amazing! I was also immediately reminded of Rembrandt’s still life pictures. A very interesting technique. Great interview, thanks Martin and Curtis!

    • Martin Bailey

      Thanks Andy! I’m really pleased you enjoyed this.


  2. Curtis Hustace

    Andy, Thank you for the kind words! It is truly appreciated!!

  3. Oscar

    Beautiful results, out of the ordinary. Thanks for bringing this artist into my radar.

    • Martin Bailey

      You’re very welcome Oscar. Thanks for listening and watching!

    • Curtis Hustace

      Oscar – I am flattered by your kind words. Thank you very much! All the best!!


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