Podcast 297 : Silver Efex Pro 2 Walkthrough & New Features

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Nik Software improved on perfection when they updated Silver Efex Pro to Silver Efex Pro 2, and today here’s a video Podcast to take a look at how to use this amazing black and white conversion plugin and touch on some of the new features.

You can also view the embedded video right here on your iPad, thanks to a recent Vimeo update!

Don’t forget to hit the full-screen button Full-Screen Button in the video window to view the video, erm, full-screen. If the full-screen button isn’t available, click on the Vimeo link and go full-screen from there.

Note that there is an iPod/iPhone version of this video in iTunes, but when watching on a computer, the video above is better.

One thing I forgot to touch on is that you can also add a vignette right there in Silver Efex Pro 2. I did touch on this in my video last year, so take a look at that too if you are interested.

Don’t forget that if you decide to buy Silver Efex Pro 2 or any of the plugins from Nik Software, use the code MBP15 for a 15% discount on your purchase.

Example Images

Journey Begins

Journey Begins

Miradores de Darwin

Miradores de Darwin

Steeple Jason

Steeple Jason

Wrecked Minesweeper

Wrecked Minesweeper

Gentoo Point - Antarctica

Gentoo Point – Antarctica

Tough Life!!

Tough Life!!

Show Notes

Music by UniqueTracks


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  1. Michael Nolen

    Very,VERY nice images. I used SEPv2 on my lilies otherworldly shot that you can see on 500px

  2. Martin Bailey

    Thanks Michael!

    I’ve seen your Lilies Otherworldly shot, and it’s very well done. Great base shot too of course.

  3. Dan Newcomb

    Great images as usual Martin. I enjoyed the podcast and just upgraded using your 15% off. Thanks for the heads up and the discount.

  4. Martin Bailey

    Thanks Dan!

    I’m glad the discount was useful too. You’re going to love Silver Efex Pro 2. One was perfect, but they managed to improve on it.

  5. Tim F.


    Thanks for the walkthrough. I never knew where to start with Silver Efex Pro 2. I now begin with the presets and tweak from there. I’m especially impressed with how the details in sky can be enhanced. I use to try to cut a lot of sky out of my compositions. This isn’t necessary or desirable when the details are pulled out.

  6. Martin Bailey

    Hi Tim,

    You’re welcome. I’m pleased this helped.

    I still try to cut out sky in my work most of the time, but if there’s even a tiny bit of detail, it’s certainly worth keeping in mind that you can do this sort of thing in post.



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