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by | May 6, 2010 | Announcement, Tear Sheets | 9 comments

A few months ago I was interviewed by Laurence Chen, a column writer for Popular Photography Magazine, and this week, the June edition was released, including one of my favorite images of a White Eye bird in Blossom, and text from the interview.

This is my tear sheet.

Popular Photography Magazine Article

You can buy Popular Photography at US newsstands (I believe), subscribe to the magazine from the Web site, or buy single issues to a yearly subscription in digital form from Zinio, if you like to view on a computer screen or iPad, or if you just like to give trees a break.

I’m a Zinio subscriber… 🙂

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  1. Thysje

    Wow! Congrats, Martin! This is wonderful and I’m very happy to see you go from strength to strength in your photography. Your hard work and talent are paying off. Well done!

  2. Anuj

    Congratulations Martin! Great stuff.

  3. Tim

    Congrats! Bought my issue today. Great seeing your work published.

  4. Nancy Lehrer

    Congratulations – and this set of images of the White Eye bird in the blossoms are some of my favorites of yours.

  5. Martin Bailey

    Thanks Nancy!

    This particular shot was from the previous year, but it’s the same tree.

  6. Jim | SpinView

    Crazy serendipity. I received my copy of PP a week ago and was holding out for a free evening. Two nights ago, sat down to read. Today, found your site for the first time, saw this post and immediately remembered the article! Nice job, sir.

  7. Martin Bailey

    Wow! That is almost spooky Jim! 🙂

    Thanks for finding the site, and for making the connection!



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