Tear Sheets

Here is a selection of tear sheets, showcasing my work in print from around the globe. Some of this work was created on commissioned assignment, and some are images licensed from my stock archives and other arrangements.

One of my snow monkey shots is used along with my testimonial on the back of Breathing Color’s sheet media boxes.

Breathing Color Media Packaging

Breathing Color Media Packaging

This image of Snow Monkeys bathing in a hot spring bath was licensed by X-Rite Photo for an ad campaign, including product leaflets and the image running on their top page.

X-Rite Front Page Screenshot

And here are four of the six page brochure in which my images were used in a worldwide campaign. This is the Japanese version that X-Rite Japan kindly sent me. (Click the images to enlarge.)


Pomegranate licensed one of my maple leaf (momiji) images for use in their 2011/2012 Student Planner. 

Pomegranate Student Planner

This is the main page of a How To article in Popular Photography Magazine that ran onto the next page. This ran in the June 2010 issue. The photograph of the White Eye in Blossom is my photo, and the text was based on a phone interview with the columnist.

Popular Photography Magazine Article

Many images were commissioned over two assignments and a number of stock images were licensed for use in the limited edition book “The Four Seasons of Namiki”.

You can see all of the images in a separate blog post.

Four Seasons of Namiki

A photo of two Red-Crowned Cranes was licensed for the cover of a Korean Air brochure. (Left photo of the three.)

Korean Air Brochure

My photo of a Bronze Lotus Flower and Dainichi Buddha was used in the US based magazine Light of Consciousness.

Light of Consciousness Magazine

A Sydney Cityscape shot was used in a University of Cambridge Poster

University of Cambridge Poster