Martin Bailey Photography :: The Blog! Goes Live!

Martin Bailey Photography :: The Blog! Goes Live!

After many years of editing HTML and PHP directly to create just about everything on my site, I figured it is time to make things a little easier on myself, and create a blog. And of course, everybody has a blog these days, so I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon too!

I’ll be posting various photography related articles and general observations. I also intend to use this space to make announcements related to my Photographic life, as well as the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast. I’ll be posting show-notes for the Podcast here too, as well as my Podcasts page for the time being. If things work out, and I have the time to migrate the previous 194 episodes, I might eventually make this THE place to come for my Podcasts outside of iTunes.

I’m still toying with the idea of posting Podcast transcripts here too, as well as show-notes, especially when I discuss images or use charts etc. that I don’t want to upload into my photography gallery. More on this later.

Note that if you have not yet subscribed to my Podcast, you can subscribe to the Enhanced version in  iTunes, or to the MP3 version, in just about any feed aggregation tool. If you subscribe to the Enhanced version, you will see images change as I speak about them. This is overall a much better way to enjoy the Podcast.

Anyway, I just thought I’d get this post out there, to let you know that I’ve started the blog. I’m looking forward to getting into blogging with text, in addition to audio from now on! 😀

UPDATE: Note that since I started the blog in July 2009, we have now gone back and loaded all Podcast episodes since September 2005 onto the blog and removed the old gallery. This has since become the core of the site!