Brian Wood-Koiwa on Wabi-Sabi in Photography (Podcast 791)

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Art Talk, Interview, Podcast | 2 comments

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The last week has been crazy, and I was settling down a few days ago to create the final podcast episode for this month I found out about a problem with one of my bank accounts that took almost three days to correct. Thanks to the remarkably flexible bank clerk that helped me, we were able to get everything sorted, but it took two trips to the bank and a total of over five hours of filling out paperwork.

Then while I was at the bank in the gaps between paperwork, I was communicating with my friend Brian Wood and we decided to get together for a chat to talk about Brian’s recent work and help me out as I ran out of time to prepare for an episode. We decided to talk about Wabi-sabi and photography, Ensouling the inanimate through photography, Polaroids, and Brian’s Photo-walking tours. All of which you can find on Brian’s website.

Brian sent me a stash of images to illustrate our conversation, and you can find them below, and I have embedded the relevant ones into the audio so if you are listening with Outcast or the iOS Podcasts app, you will be able to follow along with the photos there too. Click on an image to open it in the lightbox, and you can then navigate back and forth with the arrow keys or your mouse.

Show Notes

Check out Brian’s website here:

Music by Martin Bailey


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  1. Bruce McDonald

    There are some interesting concepts discussed here, thanks Martin and Brian. I can now justify retaining some of those accidental image captures and maybe even some of those out of focus shots.

    • Martin Bailey

      Thanks, Bruce! I’m pleased you found this useful.

      I should probably look through my photos again too.


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