In Conversation with Photographers’ Mentor Jeff Brown (Podcast 731)

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Business, Interview, Podcast | 2 comments

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Today I’m really happy to be able to bring you a follow-up conversation with LinkedIn expert and photography business mentor, Jeff Brown. We started this conversation without a plan, and ended up talking for an hour and fifteen minutes about business and marketing, and how Jeff has helped some of his clients to quintuple the amount they charge for their services. I really enjoyed this conversation and hope that you do too. As we mention towards the end, if you have any questions for Jeff and/or myself on these topics, please drop us a line via the comments below, and we may even be able to do a few profile reviews as a follow-up episode.

Jeff is known as “The Photographers’ Mentor”. He started out as a photographer himself, and perhaps more importantly for this conversation, he is a photography marketing guru and LinkedIn Influencer. Jeff has a varied background, starting out as an engineer in the Royal Navy, before taking a post as a military photographer, then on leaving the navy built no less than five successful high-volume photography businesses, then lost over £120,000 in a pub venture that went the wrong way. He is now one of the leading photography mentors in the industry working with photographers in 21 countries and is building a sizable social media following himself.

Jeff is also an Ambassador for The British Photography Awards and The Female Photographers Association in the UK. Working closely with most of the major UK photography associations and some leading manufactures to help and educate photographers on the power of brand and marketing. Jeff is also the UK & US Brand Ambassador for the remote virtual shooting app called The Shutter App which we discuss in the interview. 

With close to 800 million people on LinkedIn, it’s obviously a sizable audience to try to reach, and Jeff gives us plenty of ideas on how as well as why photographers should be doing just that, starting by “niching” your profile. Generalists are special to nobody, Jeff says.

We touch on several things that Jeff believes people should be doing on LinkedIn, and also talks a little about posting, content creation and building your LinkedIn photography brand, which he covers in-depth in his book, The Photographers Missing “Link“edIn: Your Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Ton of Money on LinkedIn, which you can find on Amazon here

We literally didn’t plan any part of this conversation, so there are no show-notes as such. Please listen with the audio player above.

Audio Books

The Audio Books that Jeff mentioned were Building a StoryBrand, by Donald Miller, Unstoppable by Craig Beck, and Start Now, Get Perfect Later, by Rob Moore.

Reference Links

Catch up with Jeff on LinkedIn.

Or on his Focus on Marketing Website:

Jeff’s New Website:

Jeff on Facebook:

And Jeff’s Focus On Marketing Facebook page:

The Shutter App:

You can also listen to my previous conversation with Jeff here:

Show Notes

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  1. Bruce McDonald

    Excellent podcast Martin. Thoroughly enjoyable content and plenty of sound advice and strategies for photographers and life in general.

    • Martin Bailey

      Great stuff! I’m really pleased you enjoyed this conversation Bruce!


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