Don Komarechka Macro Magician Extraordinaire (Podcast 664)

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Don Komarechka
Don Komarechka

This week I share a chat with my friend Don Komarechka about his awesome macro work and his upcoming crowd-funded book. Don is an incredibly talented photographer, and probably the only photographer I know that is geekier than I am when it comes to diving into the details.

There’s no shortage of geekiness in our chat either, and although I won’t transcribe the conversation for the blog, I have posted some of Don’s beautiful macro photographs below that we talk about in our conversation, along with a wealth of macro photography and mad scientist-style conversation with one of my favorite guests.

The episode that Don mentions during our conversation was Self Publishing Sky Crystal in Episode 406.

Macro Photography: The Universe at our Feet

When we recorded our chat in the middle of May, Don was still working on getting his Kickstarter project launched, but luckily, the day before I left for Namibia, as I worked on this post, Don sent me a link and some beautiful shots of his new book, Macro Photography: The Universe at Our Feet.

I’ll create a gallery of photos of the book below, but for now, I’d like to also quickly mention that Don runs a great Podcast Photo Geek Weekly that you might also want to check out, and to see his workshops and connect check out Don’s main website at

Anyway, here are the photographs that we discuss in our chat. Please listen with the audio player above. and I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Don Komarechka’s Macro Work

Don’s New Book

Show Notes

Back Don’s Kickstarter and get a copy of his new book here:

Check out Don’s Website here:

And also don’t forget to check out Don’s weekly photography Podcast:

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  1. Jon Stallings

    Wow, Martin this was such a fascinating interview. It was great to hear the backstory on how Don creates his great images.

    • Martin Bailey

      Thanks, Jon! I’m pleased you enjoyed this. Don is always a pleasure to talk with.



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