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Canon Headquarters Exhibit Preparation and Showroom Video (Podcast 615)

After three months of running at full speed, last week I needed a rest. Not being one for just sitting down and doing nothing, I changed gears and gave myself a week to make some background music for a video I'd put together to show some of the large...

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Martin Bailey
Martin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer and educator based in Tokyo. He's a pioneering Podcaster and blogger, and an X-Rite Coloratti member.
  • Greg Bee
    Posted at 19:56h, 18 April Reply

    Prints look great. Who says size does not matter! 🙂
    Music works for me too. Well done.

  • Malcolm Cross
    Posted at 21:28h, 18 April Reply

    Fantastic Martin! Congratulations on your exhibition. I enjoyed the podcast and video as always. All the best.

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 21:29h, 18 April Reply

      Thanks, Malcolm!

      It’s great to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed this.


  • Phillipa Alexander
    Posted at 07:45h, 19 April Reply

    Congratulations Martin – fabulous images – the exhibition is very well deserved!

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 08:38h, 19 April Reply

      Thanks, Phillipa!

      Lovely to hear from you too!


  • Peter Cooney
    Posted at 14:02h, 19 April Reply

    Bravo Martin! Bravo! Sugoi/subarashi! (not sure which applies most appropriately)

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 14:07h, 19 April Reply

      Thanks Peter!

      All are applicable and very much appreciated. 🙂


  • Mark V'Soske
    Posted at 21:06h, 19 April Reply

    Fantastic Martin! Congratulations!

  • Frederick Gormer
    Posted at 15:02h, 20 April Reply

    Congratulations Martin
    Greetings from the UK.
    You should feel very proud and honoured to have this kind of exhibition, well done.
    I do not follow many other photographers or explore their websites but I have to say you are the best..
    The wooden lighthouse is still there at Dovercourt albeit with a wind farm in the distance.
    Have a great show at Canon.
    Best Regards

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 11:54h, 21 April Reply

      Hi Fred,

      I am indeed very proud to have this opportunity. 🙂

      It was only about 15 months ago when I shot the Dovercourt Lighthouse, but I’m pleased it’s still there.

      Thanks for the comment and kind words!


  • Keith Walker
    Posted at 22:53h, 24 April Reply

    As always, enjoyed the podcast with the video being a nice bonus.

    The exhibition looked superb with the prints quite stunning. I’m so glad that you included “Umbrella man at Skógafoss”.
    It is a personal favourite as it reminds me of Werner Bischof’s “Shinto priests in the garden of the Meiji Temple”.

    Keep up the great work

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 17:16h, 25 April Reply

      Thanks Keith!

      I’m really poleased you enjoyed this.

      Is there anywhere online I can see Werner Bischof’s image? I just searched and came up dry, but I’d love to check it out if you know of somewhere.


  • Keith
    Posted at 01:45h, 26 April Reply

    Hi Martin,

    The image was taken in 1951 when Bischof was travelling around Japan. If you google “Courtyard of the Meiji shrine” you should get it.
    It’s part of the Magnum Catalogue.

    A similar image I also like is “Town of Kyoto. Kiyomizu temple”, again taken in 1951, and also part of the Magnum Catalogue.

    Happy hunting!

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 09:36h, 26 April Reply

      Hi Keith,

      Aah, yes. I’ve seen that photo before. Beautiful! Thanks for the information and recommendation. And for thinking of such a classic image on seeing mine.


  • Ulana Switucha
    Posted at 20:02h, 14 May Reply

    Congratulations Martin. Stunning exhibition. I really enjoyed reading “Silence and Life”. Just about sums it all up.



    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 21:05h, 14 May Reply

      Thanks, Ulana!

      I wondered if anyone would bother to stop the video and read that. 🙂

      Looking forward to visiting some of those locations with you in just a few weeks now!


  • Bryan Hudson
    Posted at 18:09h, 20 May Reply

    Martin, this is brilliant!
    Well done!

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 21:12h, 20 May Reply

      Thanks, Bryan!

      I’m pleased you enjoyed it.

  • Janny Watson
    Posted at 18:29h, 11 September Reply

    Martin! this is brilliant, thanks for sharing this with us As always, enjoyed the podcast with the video being a nice bonus. The exhibition looked superb with the prints quite stunning. I’m so glad to get this, thanks so much, love to share this.

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 09:22h, 13 September Reply

      Thanks, Janny! I’m pleased you enjoyed this.

      The exhibition was actually extended until the end of this month, and I’ll be going with a friend probably for the last time next week. It’s been a wonderful opportunity and experience.


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