In Conversation with Nicole S. Young and Brian Matiash (Podcast 600)

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 Today I’m thrilled to bring you a great conversation with photographers Nicole S. Young and Brian Matiash, and I didn’t tell them until we’d finished that this conversation was even more special because it’s my 600th episode!

I was just starting to think about what I could do that would be special for our 600th episode when Nicole messaged me on Facebook saying that she and Brian would be in Tokyo, and had time to meet. I have a huge amount of respect for both of these photographers, so I realized straight away that a conversation with them would be a nice way to celebrate the 600th show.

Not wanting to make it about me and this relatively significant achievement though, I actually didn’t tell them until after we’d finished recording. A little surprised by their reaction to this news I kind of wished I’d mentioned it while we were still recording, as they were very excited to have been involved in this milestone show. During our noodle lunch afterward every few minutes Brian would say “600 episodes!” Thanks a million to both of you for unsuspectingly sharing this special show with me!

In our conversation, we talked about what brought Nicole and Brian to Tokyo and what they were hoping to achieve while here. I asked what gear they are both shooting with, and what software they are using to process their images at the moment. We talked in depth about the business of photography, and the similarities between our businesses, and how important it is to get a good accountant! 

We also touched on what people are interested in with regards to photography and announced a little bit of collaboration that we’ll be doing together, but I’ll leave that for you to hear for yourself in the audio.

The audio quality isn’t great, as we were sitting outside in a noisy courtyard with people having lunch and rolling suitcases around etc. but I hope you’ll find that the content of our conversation more than makes up for that. Anyway, please take a listen with the audio player at the top of the post, and here’s a selfie that Nicole shot after our conversation, to add a little color to the post. 🙂

Brian Matiash, Nicole S. Young, Martin Bailey

Brian Matiash, Nicole S. Young, Martin Bailey

You can catch up with Nicole at and Brian at Also check out Brian and Sharky James’ new podcast the No Name Photo Show here:

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Morocco Tour & Workshop 2018

Show Notes

Catch up with Nicole here:

And Brian here:

Music by Martin Bailey


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  1. Mikki Root Dillon

    Really enjoyed this podcast, Martin. Mikki

    • Martin Bailey

      I’m pleased to hear that Mikki. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.


    • Martin Bailey

      Thanks Mauricio! I’m pleased you enjoyed this.

      All the best for 2018 to you too!


  2. Dudley Warner

    I liked that you did this podcast to sound more like a conversation than an interview. It was nicely done.

    I do want to make one comment about Sony cameras. While I think Sony has done alot to innovate in the last few years and has built some nice cameras and lenses, I would not be in a hurry to trade in your Canon gear. I was photographing sea smoke in Maine in the U.S. this morning at a temperature of – 14° F using a Canon 5DS-R, and the 2 other photographers there had Sony a7R II cameras. Both had repeated battery failure. Even their newly charged batteries only lasted for several shots. As a result, they both missed getting the best images.

    Thanks –

    • Martin Bailey

      I’m pleased you enjoyed the format Dudley. Thanks letting us know.

      That’s good to know about the Sony too. I have seen people having similar problems in sub-zero temperatures on my winter landscape workshops, but not to the extent you mention. But it doesn’t get quite that cold most of the time, and on my wildlife workshops where it does get that cold, people generally don’t bring Sonys.

      It’s good information to have. Personally, although I’d like a Sony, I’m still completely happy with my Canon cameras and lenses. Over the last few years I’ve been able to travel with much less kit, due to the release of the 11-24mm and updated 100-400mm lenses, and the 5Ds R is a dream to work with. I imagine the 5Ds R Mark II will be around or over 100 megapixels, maintaining a healthy distance from other cameras and manufacturers, so I think Canon has me locked in for the foreseeable future anyway. 🙂

      A Happy New Year to you Dudley!



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