Brent Mail on the Business of Photography (Podcast 526)

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Today I’m joined by Brent Mail, to talk about the business of photography, and a great new personalized photography course that he’s about to start. I’m sure some of you will be interest in.

Brent Mail

Brent Mail

Brent Mail is a photographer who grew up in South Africa though now lives in Australia after a stint in America. He shares his story with us in this interview, so I won’t spoil it by sharing any more information right now. Instead, let’s jump in and listen to my conversation with Brent Mail.

Here though are the key points that we touched on though…

Brent built a photography business while working as an engineer, then got burnt out and sold that business, but he learned a lot of invaluable lessons along the way, which he is incorporating into the training that we talk about.

After that, Brent went from working 5 to 6 days per week to working two and a half days a week for the same amount of profit, and realized that he want’s to help photographers to identify what kind of business they want to build, then give them the tools to build it.

His new course is personalized for each person that takes the course, and he provided feedback to each member of the group as they complete each assignment. Because of this, Brent is only taking a limited number of photographers on, with the current iteration starting on July 15, 2016, so once you have listened to our conversation, if you think this is something that you’d like to undertake, visit the following link, check out the details, then fill out the application towards the bottom of the page.

Good luck!

Brent also relays the story of his experience sea kayaking for 16km against the wind, and how his commitment to his friends helped to keep him from throwing in the towel, and he’s sent me a photograph of that event.

Brent Sea Kayaking

Brent Sea Kayaking

Here also is the video that Brent mentioned during our conversation.



These are the three images that Brent shared with us towards the end of the discussion.

Morna - Copyright Brent Mail

Morna – Copyright Brent Mail


Copyright Brent Mail

Copyright Brent Mail


Copyright Brent Mail

Copyright Brent Mail

Show Notes

Brent’s web site:

Photo Profit web site: (currently redirects to a section of Brent’s main site.)

Brent’s Share Inspire Create Podcast:

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