Craft & Vision PHOTOGRAPH No.9 Now Available!

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The Craft & Vision Magazine PHOTOGRAPH No.9 has just been released!

Elegant and simple. Black and white. Delineation of space and shape. Like the refined effortlessness of a great image, Issue 9 of PHOTOGRAPH magazine is newly redesigned!

To be totally honest, when I first viewed this issue on my computer, I didn’t get it. Especially as a contributing author, I was not impressed by the fact that most of my images were now being scrunched into a portrait orientation page. But then I noticed the link to David duChemin’s Viewing Notes. If you follow these instructions, the new layout is beautiful, adaptive and powerful, and does make for much better viewing on the iPad and also now the iPhone 6 Plus. You can simply flip the device over on it’s side to view the wide format pages. Quite the viewing experience!

To kick off the new layout, this issue is dedicated to the line, light and shadow of non-colour. Within the 230 pages are portfolios and interviews with these incredible photographers: Jason Bradley, who discusses his extraordinary underwater work and the limitations, challenges, and thrills of it all; Carla Coulson, whose Paris fashion portraiture was borne from leaving her job, moving to France and becoming a published photographer within one year; the architectural style of Julia Anna Gospodarou, who explains how she sees sensual lines in concrete and steel structures; and the beauty of Chicago nights as illuminated by Satoki Nagata, who went from scientist to photographer with striking results.

Each of the regular contributors, John Paul Caponigro, Bruce Percy, Guy Tal, Chris Orwig, Martin Bailey (that’s me!), Piet Van den Eynde, Adam Blasberg, and David duChemin, have dedicated their articles to the art of black and white photography. In search of the emotional portrait? Sherri Koop’s Featured Article may lead you to where you want to be.

Not only redesigned, but this issue also kicks off the now bi-monthly publication. The goal is to provide you with beautiful portfolios and the best value in photographic education. And despite the changes, this big, beautiful, digital magazine remains ad-free.

Click here to head over to Craft & Vision to get your copy for just $6.40 for a limited time. If you miss that it’s still only $8, and you can’t get this much photography goodness for $8 anywhere else!

Here are a few pages from this issue to whet your appetite…
































So, once again, click here to head over to Craft & Vision to get your copy for just $6.40 for a limited time. If you miss that it’s still only $8, and you can’t get this much photography goodness for $8 anywhere else!

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  1. Stephen

    I’ll echo your first impressions of the new issue. C&V has always flirted with fonts that are too small but I do appreciate the design challenges they have tried to address. #09 has many beautiful design elements that place the focus purely on content but for now – I’m going to place it into the acquired taste with time category.

    I enjoy the issue-wide common theme.


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