The Visual Imagination with David duChemin (Podcast 417)

by | Apr 15, 2014 | Art Talk, Interview, Podcast | 2 comments

Today I welcome back my friend and regular guest, David duChemin, for a conversation about his latest Craft & Vision eBook, The Visual Imagination – Ideas & Techniques for Creative Photographic Expression.

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While reading David’s new book, there were a number of times when lightbulbs came on, and I found myself wanting to run outside with my camera and try something new.

I’ve been doing some of the techniques that David introduces in The Visual Imagination myself for a number of years now, but I realised that although I’d been breaking my traditional rules, in some cases I’d been breaking them in the same way every time. I had inadvertently already formed my own set of new rules and was being bound by them. It’s so important to keep asking ourselves “what if?” even if we’re already doing something that we started with a “what if?”.

This book doesn’t try to get you to throw away your current photography style or tape up your focus ring. It just gives you permission to think out of the box a little, and that is something that can be liberating and give us beautiful results, and ultimately even help us to become better photographers.

Give it a try, and I think you’ll enjoy your results.

Anyway, I won’t give too much away, as David and I talk about this and much more during our discussion, so click the audio player above, or subscribe in iTunes to listen to this and get future episodes automatically delivered to your computer each week.

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The Visual Imagination

The Visual Imagination TOC

The Visual Imagination

The Visual Imagination

The Visual Imagination

The Visual Imagination

The Visual Imagination

The Visual Imagination

The Visual Imagination

The Visual Imagination

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  1. Steve Hollins

    Hi Martin,

    Many thanks for your inspirational interview with David. You talk about a light bulb moment and that is exactly what happened to me as listening to your talk with David. His work and that of the other photographers he mentioned encapsulate what I have been thinking and never quite got around to doing. I’ll definitely give this approach a go!

    About me: I am a photographer with a day job and have been listening to your podcast for several years now. You have renewed by passion for photography at times when it was fairly low on my radar. I haven’t been in contact before but wanted to share this with you after today’s podcast. Consider this comment as long overdue!

    Thanks Martin and keep us inspired……

    • Martin Bailey

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks so much for the comment and kind words. I’m really pleased this episode struck a cord with you. I’m really pleased the Podcast has helped to renew your passion for photography too. This is what it’s all about.

      I hope you continue to enjoy it. I don’t intend to stop in the foreseeable future. 🙂



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