The Complete Photography Bundle – 5DayDeal! (Podcast 403)

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The most complete and best value Photography Bundle ever compiled!

The moment this Podcast went live marked the very moment that the Complete Photography Bundle goes live on the 5DayDeal Web site. Today I’m going to walk you through some of the main details of this incredible photography related product package.


What will 2014 mean for your photography?

How would your photography change if you could get your hands on some of the top products by some of the top creators in photography?

What if you could get it all in one place, one clean package, and for one incredible price?

This may top what Santa got you.

For 5 days only – January 5 at noon EST till January 10 at noon EST – the team over at 5DayDeal have put together a pack of tools to revolutionize your photography and made it available in a bundle for over 90% off!!

Over $1200 of photography tools for ONLY $89

That’s one killer sale!

But that isn’t all. †The bundle also includes over $400 of awesome discounts for even more photography products bringing the total value of the bundle to…

… wait for it…

over $1700!! (over 94% off)


So, what’s the catch? It’s only available for 5 days.

These full products, offered by some of the biggest names in photography, are offered together for one crazy low price for ONLY 5 days.

Incredible right?

5DayDeal has combined training, tools, and inspiration in the form of ebooks, presets, and video to cover a huge range of photography including HDR, long exposure, fashion, food, portraits, business tools and so much more.

The bundle is packed with tools for beginners all the way through advanced and professional photographers.

If you’re interested in photography, your gonna love this bundle!


What’s included?



  1. An Introduction to Landscape Photography at Night – by Alister Benn $5.00
  2. Understanding Lenses Part 1: A Guide to Canon Wide-Angle & Kit Lenses – Andrew S. Gibson $11.00
  3. Photographing the 4th Dimension: Time – Jim Goldstein $20
  4. I | We – Scenes From The Big Picture – Karen Hutton $9.97
  5. Essential Light: Photography’s Life Blood – Richard Bernabe $7.95
  6. Crowd Control – Corwin Hiebert $9.97
  7. Powerful Imagery – Mitchell Kanashkevich – $14.90
  8. Tasty Food Photography – Lindsay Ostrom $19.99
  9. The Art of Photographing Wildlife – provided by Gordon Laing $10.00
  10. The Long Exposure ebook – David Cleland $5.00
  11. A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography – Klaus Herrmann 19.95
  12. Printing 101 Notebook †- Ron Martinsen $19.97
  13. Seeing the Light – Mitchell Kanashkevich – $12.00

Photography e-courses

  1. HDR Photography Essentials pack†-†Alex Koloskov†- $49
  2. The Photographerís Workflow†-†Gavin Gough†$30
  3. Big World Little Lens†-†Justin Balog†$9.97

Presets and Actions


  1. Eddie Tapp’s Personal Action Set -†Eddie Tapp $50.00
  2. MBP Fine Art Print Border Scripts – Martin Bailey $12.00
  3. Creative Control Preset Pack – Nicole S. Young $50.00
  4. Fashion Presets 1 – Lindsay Adler $25.00
  5. Black and White Photoshop Action Suite – Bill Jones $29.00
  6. ApertureExpert Adjustment Preset Pack (Film and Funk/Split Tone) & Live Training – Joseph Linaschke $17.98
  7. James B Lightroom Presets Bundle – James Brandon $19.97
  8. Fairytale + Princess + 3 Bonus Super Pack Photoshop Actions – Amanda Diaz $108
  9. Lightroom Presets Volume 2 – Lights – Serge Ramelli – $27
  10. Alexandra Sophie’s Film Action Pack – Alexandra Sophie – $55



  1. The Photographers Guide to Creating HD Video with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II & 7D – Juan Pons and Rick Sammon $49.99
  2. Snapseed – The Definitive Guide – Justin Balog $20
  3. Post Edgy Photoshop Techniques – Joel Grimes – $99
  4. Color Grading Tutorial – Jaime Ibarra – $200
  5. The Art of Black and White With Lightroom – Serge Ramelli – $57

Textures & More


    1. Firenze Texture Packs – Lindsay Adler $10.00
    2. Texture A Photo Transparent Collection – Bryon Lippincott $69.99


  1. Location Rebel Information Product Blueprint – Sean Ogle $99



  1. Snapheal – Macphun Software†$9.99
  2. Before/After Image Crossfade Plugin Pro – Griffin Stewart $9.97

If that isn’t enough, check out these awesome discounts you get when you purchase the bundle


  1. Designing an Image – Lindsay Adler $112.00 off (50% off current price)
  2. Topaz Adjust – Topaz Labs $25 off
  3. Iacrylic – $10 off a $50+ product
  4. Mastering Star Trail Photography – Jim Goldstein (35% off or 35$ off)
  5. Graph Paper Press Forever Plan – 50% 149.50
  6. Perfect Photo Suite 8 Premium Edition – OnOne Software $30 off new (not upgrade)
  7. 10 Common Photography Mistakes (and how to fix them) – James Brandon $14.98 off
  8. Blurb Book – printed copies only $10 off of $50 order in either CA or US –
  9. Learning the Art of Mobile Photography – Justin Balog – FREE $35 value
  10. The Photo Frontier Lightroom Presets – Justin Balog $20 off + bonus of 5 presets only offered to 5DayDeal customers
  11. Moab Landscape Photography – Justin Balog – $50 off


But remember the catch?

This is only available for 5 days.  January 5 noon EST – January 10 noon EST.

There’s More

For every bundle sold 5DayDeal will donate 10% of the sale price ($8.90) to charity.

Charities included are:

  • SeedLight – offering creative opportunities to children in disadvantaged communities all around the world
  • HeART Speak – bringing photography to high-intake animal shelters around the US
  • Flashes of Hope – providing free portrait packages to over 50% of kids diagnosed with cancer in the US
  • OpLove – providing photography to US armed service members deployed to combat zones and their families
  • Charity Water – providing clean water to communities all over the world
  • Davis Phinney Foundation – helping people with Parkinson’s live well today

What will 2014 mean for your photography?


More Info:

  • If you still have questions – check out the Q & A page on the 5daydeal site – here
  • The sale is from noon EST January 5, 2014 through noon EST January 10, 2014. There will be no late sales.
  • If you make a purchase through my links I make an affiliate commission. As usual, I thank you for supporting the Podcast and my site.

Thanks very much for listening today. Remember that you can find me on Google+, Twitter and Facebook etc. and links to everything that I’m up to are at, so do drop by and take a look. I’ll be back next week, with another episode, but in the meantime, you take care, and have a great week, whatever you’re doing. Bye bye.

Show Notes

Get your copy of the Complete Photography Bundle here:

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