One Tree in a Billion – Nicholas Foxton Interview (Podcast 399)

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Today I bring you an interview with Nicholas Foxton from the One Tree in a Billion project. This is a project that I think is very important and would love to see go ahead, but the team needs your help to make that happen, so please do take a listen and find out how you can help.

Also, I wanted to let you know that next week marks our 400th episode, so we’re having a party and you’re invited! I receive email all the time from people kind enough to let me know that the Podcast has been a source of inspiration. Well, to celebrate our 400th episode, at 7:30am JST on Sunday the 15th of December, I will start a Google Plus Hangout, and I’m inviting listeners with an image that came into being because of inspiration through this Podcast to join us, and share your image and your story.

7:30am in Tokyo will be the day before, Dec 14 at 17:30 in New York, 14:30 in San Francisco and 22:30 in London. And of course Sydney are a couple of hours ahead of us, so that will be 9:30am on Sunday morning of the Sydney crew too. For details, check out the planning post at, and when the recording is ready, we’ll share the 400th episode there too. So that’s See you there!

And now, here’s our interview with Nicholas Foxton of the One Tree in a Billion project.

Use this audio player to listen:

Nicholas Foxton, Jonathan Lewis and Tom Ambrose are going to do something that is ground breaking in both its scope and ambition. They will photograph and catalogue an array of species that inhabit and travel around just one single tree in the Amazon rainforest. From the ground all the way up to the canopy, more than 100 feet above, they will photograph as many species as they can over a period of two months. They will document the bizarre and fascinating life forms around their chosen tree, ranging from tiny invertebrates all the way up to the large charismatic mammals such as Jaguars, Tapirs and Giant Anteaters.

The problem is, the tree, and a billion others like it, are at risk. 1,000 trees are being cut down or burned every single day through illegal gold mining and logging!

During my discussion with team member Nicholas Foxton we cover the following topics:

– An introduce the general idea of the project
– Project members
– How long the team will be in Peru
– How the three project member met
– How they came to know about the issues in the region
– What sort of animals they expect to photograph
– What special equipment they will use
– Logistics issue to deal with
– The dangers involved in a project like this
– What the team will you do with the photographs they bring back

This project will only be funded if at least £12,000 is pledged by

Here also are a few photographs of the sort of wildlife and habitat that is at risk, courtesy of project member Tom Ambrose.


Capped Heron Reflections

Drowned Jungle



Meneria Metalmark

Rainforest Camouflage

Strangler Fig

Tiger Stripe Monkey Frog


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Show Notes

Once again, here’s a link to the Kickstarter project. Please give generously.

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