11 x 17" Print on 13 x 19" Sheet Paper

Fine Art Print Border Scripts for Print Preparation (Podcast 384)

It's sometimes necessary to create prints on media sizes different to that of the final print. For example, you might need to print an 11 x 17" print but only have 13 x 19" media. Or you might use a large format printer and roll media, and don't want to...

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Martin Bailey
Martin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer and educator based in Tokyo. He's a pioneering Podcaster and blogger, and an X-Rite Coloratti member.
  • Jeff Fisher
    Posted at 03:15h, 22 August Reply

    These look like very usable scripts. One question though is can they be used in photoshop alone or must they be used in Lightroom. I only print from photoshop at the present time.

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 13:24h, 22 August Reply

      Hi Jeff,

      These scripts would be equally useful when printing from Photoshop. In fact, there are a few more options that you can choose that makes it better than Lightroom in some respects. I’ll update the post above to reflect this.

      I hope you find the scripts useful!


  • Steven Martin
    Posted at 05:14h, 22 August Reply

    So impressed with the smoothness of your video podcasting Martin! Have you considered doing any more general Lightroom techniques video podcasts?

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 13:38h, 22 August Reply

      Thanks Steven! I do the occasional screenshot style episode, but not that many. My rule of thumb is if it’s easier to show than the talk about with screenshot, then I screen-capture. I’ll consider doing some general workflow or other topic vidcasts too though. Thanks for asking!

  • Patricia Davidson
    Posted at 08:16h, 22 August Reply

    Awesome podcast Martin! Thanks!

  • Dudley Warner (@dewarner)
    Posted at 07:47h, 23 August Reply

    I can see how these scripts will be really useful. I am hesitating because I have lots of frames with mats I have put together for exhibits, and they have standard spacing. Do you cut your own mats to accommodate the photograph offset or do you find that this can be easily done by a frame shop?

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 08:51h, 23 August Reply

      Aah, I see Dudley. So, two things…

      Firstly, there are three editable strings in the script files, page width and length, to create new page sizes, and topBorderPercentage, which is set to 7 to align the image with a 7% border at the top, and automatically calculate a 13% border at the bottom based on that. If you change that 7 to 10, your images will be aligned in the middle of the frame. Do make copies of the prints though, with useful names, so that you know you changed them. The file name will be used in the Photoshop Scripts menu.

      Secondly, this space is often left for signatures, in addition to just looking aesthetically more pleasing than a centered image. Framers are used to leaving space at the bottom to show the artist’s signature, and can generally work to your requirements when cutting the matte. If you don’t sign a print, they could still cut the matte above center to display the print as printed.

      I hope this helps!

      • dewarner
        Posted at 21:11h, 30 August Reply

        Martin –

        I did purchase your scripts and they are easy to use in Photoshop. When you make a fine art print using the offset, and sign the print, is it your intention that it be framed as is without a mat?

        Thanks –

  • Glenn Hubbers
    Posted at 23:34h, 07 October Reply


    Do you know if these scripts will work in Photoshop Elements as well? I use Elements 10 and LR5 currently.

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 08:44h, 08 October Reply

      Hi Glenn,

      I haven’t had anyone tell me that it does work, or does not work at this point. I’ll send you the scripts offline. If they work, come back and buy them. If not, we’ll know that they don’t work. 🙂


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