Just Released! My New C&V eBook: Making The Print!

by | Jan 17, 2012 | Fundamentals, Printing, Promotion | 8 comments

I’m incredibly proud today to tell you that we just released my new ebook with Craft & Vision!

Making the Print: Printing Techniques for the Digital Photographer

The second eBook in C&V’s Masterclass series and my new book is the perfect primer regarding all things related to fine-art printing. No stone is left unturned as I explain everything you need to know about making beautiful, frustration-free prints.

In Part One of the book, I walk you through what it takes to get started, from buying a printer, selecting papers, and printing with profiles to take control of your printing, and we also look at printing with artistic borders.

Making The Print Cover Spread

In Part Two of the book, we Step it Up! and delve into Color Management, and you’ll be calibrating your display and printer (but only if you want to). I take you through some Fine Art Paper options, large format printers, and even take you step by step through creating a canvas gallery wrap and printing for exhibition.

Making The Print

If you have ever felt frustrated by your printing in the past, or you get good results, but not great, a read through my new 65 wide-page book, Making The Print, will get you printing photographs to be proud of in no time, without pulling your hair out.

Making The Print
Making The Print Vertical

Do check out the other offerings from Craft & Vision too while you’re there. I own most of these books, and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. This is what makes me even prouder than ever to now be a part of the Craft & Vision team of authors.

Special Offers on Making The Print and other C&V PDFs

For the next five days only, use the promotional code PRINT4 when you checkout to buy the PDF version of Making the Print for only $4 OR use the code PRINT20 to get 20% off when you buy 5+ PDF eBooks from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST January 21, 2012.

I do hope you enjoy Making The Print!
Martin Bailey

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  1. James Duckworth

    I have been printing for about 9 months and I still had some questions about the settings in Photoshop/Lightroom. Martin has made it crystal clear in this book. He also addresses many other details that are very important to getting a consistent quality print.

    Thank you Martin for such a great, inexpensive resource!!!!

    • Martin Bailey

      You’re very welcome James. I’m pleased the book helped! Thanks for picking up a copy and for taking the time to comment!


  2. Gail

    I’ve just finished reading “Making the Print” and highly recommend it to anyone who is not printing their images. This very inexpensive and detailed book cleared up a couple of pieces I seemed to be missing – the monitor brightness being one! Thanks Martin!

    • Martin Bailey

      You’re very welcome Gail. Thanks for picking up the book, and for taking the time to comment!


  3. Daniel Dunn

    recently you switched from Epson to Canon printers, and you did a podcast which I listened to. I want to make the right choice when I purchase my first “pro” printer (USD $1000-ish) Maybe you can update that podcast with how it’s going and/or more info on that switch. I’m really liking how the Epson 3880 looks and it gets tons of good feedback. I’m totally new to this game.
    Just downloaded your e-book BTW and can’t wait to dig into it, thanks!

  4. Martin Bailey

    Hi Daniel,

    The switch was long time ago, June 2008 (episodes 144 and 145), but I have continued to use and enjoy my Canon printers ever since. In fact, since then, I decided to go with Canon for my large format printer (imagePROGRAF iPF6350) and totally love it. I even bought the Canon MG6130 printer/scanner for another part of the house, so you can probably tell that my personal preference is now Canon.

    Having said that, I was always happy with my old Epson printers too, and the technology has come a long way since I last used them, so I’m sure you’d be very happy with an Epson too.

    There is lots of advice on buying a printer in the book, so do give that a read (thanks for picking it up too!) and make your decision. As long as you buy new, I don’t think you’ll go far wrong.


  5. Daniel Dunn

    oh, thanks Martin, and I didn’t realize you had switched that long ago. I kind of figured it was like the Canon/Nikon situation, just pick your tool and go with it, once you become an expert, it’s more about you than your tool.
    I’m so excited to pour over your e-book, thanks very much for the response. Hope all is well with you!

  6. Martin Bailey

    All is great Daniel, thanks!

    You nailed it, both are great. It’s just a case of picking one and running with it. You are the important part of the loop. 🙂

    Thanks again for picking up the book. I hope you enjoy it!



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