Nik Software's Creative Efex Collection

Nik Software’s Creative Efex Collection – Limited Offer

[NOTE: Since I posted this, Nik Software have now made all of their plugins available in one complete package for just $149! Our code MBP15 still gives you a 15% discount too, which is great!]

[Since then, Google made the Nik package free, so the code was no longer valid, and now they’ve killed the software completely.]

As a Nik Software affiliate, I’ve just been made aware of an amazing offer from our friends at Nik, the Creative Efex Collection, comprised of Color Efex Pro 4, Silver Efex Pro 2, and HDR Efex Pro. Many of you already know that I’m a huge fan of Silver Efex Pro 2, and since the recent update to Color Efex Pro to version 4, this is now an irreplaceable tool in my digital photography toolbox.

Unfortunately the offer is only available in the US and Canada, and it’s a boxed set, not available as a download, but providing you enter our discount code MBP15 when you add the collection to your shopping cart, you will save $200 over what these three plugins would cost to buy individually. If you’ve been hankering after these tools but the price was a little prohibitive in the past, this is a great chance to kit yourself out.

There are only 400 boxed collections available, and I’m told that when they are gone, that’s it, so don’t hang around, and don’t forget to enter our code MBP15, or you will pay more than necessary, and we won’t get any recognition for the sale either. 🙂

Nik Software's Creative Efex CollectionI don’t do HDR photography, so I can’t really comment on HDR Efex Pro, but I have recently done a couple of videos on Silver Efex Pro 2 and Color Efex Pro 4, so I’ll embed them below too in case you haven’t caught up with these yet.

These applications work either as a round trip edit from Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture, or you can use them as a plugin in Photoshop, and they also work with Smart Objects in Photoshop, so you can go back and adjust your changes later.

Don’t forget to hit the full-screen button Full-Screen Button in the video window to view the video, erm, full-screen. If the full-screen button isn’t available, click on the Vimeo link and go full-screen from there.


And here is the Color Efex Pro 4 video.


If you have any questions about this offer or these software packages, just leave a comment below or drop me a line.

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