Not All Great News, But We’re Moving Forwards & Still Very Strong

by | Jun 17, 2011 | Musings | 118 comments

Last week, I reported of my brain tumour that we just found in my post “A Reminder of our Transience“. The response to that post was awesome! Thanks so much to everyone that left a comment! You have helped me to be strong in a somewhat difficult time. This post is a little bit of an update, following some recent incidents.



I went for my MRI as planned, two days after that post, and went back to the hospital two days ago, on June 15, 2011, to hear the results of that test and my blood tests etc. From the results of the tests, it seems there’s a good chance that what I have is called a Prolactinoma or otherwise put, a Pituitary Macro adenoma.

Apparantly the hormone that produces mother’s milk which should be around 13 is in the 16,000s. If I had the parts to do create it, I’d probably be making a couple of pints of milk a day right now. 🙂

The good news is that these are pretty much always benign, and if that follows through, that’ll save me from having to go through cancer treatment. The bad news is that my Prolactinoma is big and has wrapped itself around the two large veins behind the nose and is putting pressure on my optical nerves. It’s also eaten into the slanted bone behind my nose. All of this is going to make it pretty complicated to remove.

I already knew that this thing was messing with my eyes, beacause four days ago, my eyesight went to pot again. I recognized this as the same sort of thing that happened while I was shooting in Hokkaido before my workshop  in February this year. At that time, I thought that part of the cause was that a part inside the viewfinder of my Canon EOS 1D Mark IV had come loose, and that might have been part of the cause, but I was diagnosed as having Presbyopia, as well as a loose part in my 1D Mark IV viewfinder. Canon fixed my viewfinder for me, and the optician did his thing on my eyes by creating me some snazzy new varifocals, that were a right royal pain in the @ss to get used to, but I did get used to them, after a couple of days in Buenos Aires on my way down to Antarctica.

So, although my eyes are still blurred as I type this in my hospital bed after four days of blurry vision, a few other things have happened this week, that scared the hell out of me, and have expediting my admittance to hospital, earlier than we’d expected.

Inside the Ambulance

Inside the Ambulance

At about 9:30 n the evening of Wednesday the 15th, the day we’d been to receive the results of my tests, I had what for all intent and purposes seems to have been a cerebral infarction. First my left arm went all tingly, then I couldn’t type with it. When I tried to tell my wife that something was wrong, my speech was all slurred, then as we called an ambulance, my left eye went as dark as night. It really did scare the crap out of me.

I’d say I’m lucky as he’ll as this latest attack, different from all the earlier ones that finally led us to finding the brain tumour, didn’t seem to leave any lasting paralysis.

The other good thing that has come out of this, is that I’m now being treated as a semi-emergency patient. This means that although I have to stay in hospital, in case anything else crops up, I may we start having operations to remove the brain tumour by as early as Friday the 24th or Saturday the 25th of June.  It might take a little longer but probably not as long as it would had this not happened.

My eyesight is still all to cock, and at this point in time, the doctors cannot assure me that it will be put right after we’ve got rid of the tumour. I think that I can work this right myself though, even if the doctors can’t. One saving grace here too is that I the problem with my eyes seems to be in that they don’t want to move together. It’s as though they are not working together, on the same axis, and that’s what’s making everything blurred. And as this is very similar to what I experienced before leaving for Antarctica, I’m confident that unless they damage the optical nerver during the surgery, I’ll be back to normal at some point. Also though, and this I guess is the saving grace I was going to mention a sentence ago… When you look through a camera, you only use one eye, so although it would be much more difficult to spot a pwetty likkle boidy in a twee like this, once I know where it is, I could probably photograph is without problems. Another option might be having a camera stitched to my face. That wouldn’t be all that bad. 🙂

Anyway, lots of scary monster and super creep talk here again, but I’m going to be alright. Some of the possibilities are really just possible outcomes. I’m as strong, if not stronger than I was when I wrote last week’s post, and I still fully intend to beat this thing. You guys have given me that extra shot of stength over this last week, following that post.

I was totally blown away by the response to that previous post in which I told everyone about my brain tumour. The online Photography community is the best there is. You are all awesome human beings, and I treasure each word that you all took the time to leave against that post. If you comment against this post, I’ll treasure them too, and also the frequency with qhich I can reply will go down in the coming days and weeks, I do hope that I will be well, and back online before too many days pass, and will be sure to drop by and take a look when I do get back online. If it takes me a while to actually reply, please don’t worry. If anything nasty happens to me, I’ll ensure that you are told. So think of no news as good news, and please don’t assume the worst, until you hear anything specific.

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  1. Lisa Durbin

    Martin, I totally missed that last post of yours – I’m so sorry. It sounds like things are looking positive (well, positive in this context) and I hope that everything goes as well as it can. Sending millions of good thoughts to you and Yoshiko, and keep strong. xxx

  2. michael

    I don’t really know what to say rightnow…
    “Life live large”…as they say on Discovery channel!?!
    or maybe: “With Canon, you can”!!!

    Love from Belgium

    Michael Van Bosch.

  3. Shyam


    I missed the last blog…Hope all goes well…need anything give me a shout..sent my phone number by a separate email

  4. Yuji Takeuchi

    Hey, Martin,
    Heard of what’s happening with you yesterday and I went nuts, almost. Minutes ago I found this post from you and made me feel something very strong in you. YOU ARE STRONG and AWESOME. Come back shoot another facet of my family. Cheers.

  5. Bjorn Moerman


    I want to join on your next Hoikado workshop. Don’t disappoint me!

    The photography world will get you through this one! Hang in there and be strong!

    Dubai – UAE

  6. Ian Bowns

    Hope all goes as well as it possibly can.


  7. airwhale

    Hi Martin!

    So sorry to hear about your condition, but happy to hear that you are under treatment and in good hands. I wish you a complete and speedy recovery!

    I know from experience that it can be REAL scary when the brain gets affected and it can manifest itself in lots of weird ways. All those little things we take for granted every day suddenly seems so far away…

    Keep strong and keep fighting – you’ll get through this!

    Tormod in Stockholm

  8. Chris

    Bloody hell shocked, missed your previous posting Martin. Really hoping all goes well for you. You can beat this.


  9. Chris Marquardt

    Hey my friend! I’m so glad they found what’s going on and that you are getting the right treatment. Waiting for the results must have been tough, and at least now you know a lot more facts about that visitor in your head.

    Whatever the outcome, you’re such an incredibly positive human being, you will no doubt make the best of it.

    Let’s get you on TFTTF again once this is over!

    Best wishes,

  10. Rich Meston

    Hi Martin

    I used to listen to your Podcasts a lot while commuting, and now follow you on Twitter and try to keep up with what you’re up to. I just saw your tweet about this post, and have read the first post too.

    I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but I have a feeling that with your amazingly positive attitude this is going to work out fine.

    All the very best wishes and thoughts to you.

    Rich, UK

  11. Greg

    My brother-in-law had the same thing around 12 years ago and made a full recovery and has gone onto bigger and better things. You can and will do the same Martin, stay strong.

  12. Richard Olpin

    Scary stuff Martin, but after your initial news I’m actually kinda glad for you that it’s working out this way as that means less waiting and worrying and the sooner they’re going to get you better and back to normality.

    We’re going to be thinking of you, and (it seems you’re sorted for tech in the hospital so) hopefully you’ll be able to give us a few more updates along the way 🙂

    Does your wife speak English? If so, give her the keys to your Twitter account and she can let us know how your doing whilst you have some well-earned rest!

    Good luck my friend!

  13. Yositake Tanaka


  14. Alan Brooks

    Martin, mate sorry to here the bad news reading your post was such a shock keep your head up mate hope your back to 100% real soon.

  15. Manuel Fuentes

    You are in the best place you can be right now. Take care and keep the strength with you. I wish you all the best.

  16. Mary Angelini

    I have been off the grid for a little while so I missed your original post. So sorry to hear it, but at least it is probably benign which is great! Hopefully they can manage to remover or at least mitigate it for you. Best of luck and our prayers are with you!!

  17. Scot

    Martin, reading your blog and that of David’s makes me realise how

    1) strong you both are dealing with the challenges that life throws at you


    2) how great the response of the photographic community is.

    I wrote a blog post recently about how the community helps me so much.

    Thank you for sharing and I really wish you all the best with coming through this


  18. Jeff Morley

    Best wishes for a full and fast recovery! I’m new to your work/podcast/blog, and I can’t tell you what a unique and moving experience it’s been for me to get to know you and this group of folks under these particular circumstances. Life-affirming!

    All the best!


  19. Justin

    Good to hear your surgery will happen asap. Best wishes again. Get well soon!

  20. Saya

    I am so sorry to hear… Martin. How scary. I hope that you will get better real soon!!! I was in Japan for a week and was listening to your podcast everyday when I commute from Ibaraki to Tokyo. I am listening to all the archived ones, and I am on 127 now!!! Thank you so much for the great educational materials. I wish you all the best. 元気になって、またポッドキャストがんばってね!楽しみに待ってます。

  21. David Jenne

    Just catching up with the news about your predicament. As photographers, we all sometimes think about the unthinkable — something happening to our eyesight and how we might deal with losing it. In the words of your post, I can sense your strength and determination (not to mention, a nice dose of humor :-)) to overcome this.

    You are so right about the support and compassion of the photographic community. I am continually amazed and encouraged by just how good people can be–and more often than not, they come from this group.  Maybe it’s because we take the time to look at and experience the world a bit differently than the average Joe… and appreciate just how fleeting a moment, or angle of light can be — but whatever it is, I am so thankful and proud to share this passion with them, and you.

    Please keep that great attitude of yours to the fore and never forget about the hundreds, or thousands, of fellow photographers standing behind you and your wife in the weeks ahead. 

    We’ve got your back brother, now go get better!

    David Jenne
    West Rutland, Vermont, USA

  22. Jack V. Johnson

    Wow, Martin – scary stuff indeed, but very glad to hear you’re hanging tough! Best of luck – hope they get this sorted soon!

    – Jack

  23. Chris Whalley

    Martin –

    All the very best to you and your family during this difficult time. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us – your are inspirational as a photographer and as a person.

    – Chris

  24. Daren Kelley

    Thoughts and prayers are with you my friend. Wishing you a speedy recovery and many many more years behind the lens. You’ve got amazing strength and talent. Hang in there.


  25. Forrest Tanaka

    As amazingly scary as your experiences are, I have to say this sounds like very good news for you, tumor-wise. You’re amazingly lucky that infarction didn’t happen during your Antartctica trip, and that your wife was able to help you. With the tumor almost certainly being benign, it sounds like that surgery will be the only pain you have to go through, so I’m feeling very relieved!

    Great that you’ll be operated on sooner than later, and I really hope your eyesight goes back to normal.


  26. Landon Michaelson

    Thanks for the update my friend. Looks like there is progress to be made and at least you know that your eyesight was not the fault of Canon. 🙂

    You have a great attitude about all this and you are a scrapper, so keep up the fight and work through it. The sooner they sort out the surgery and details the sooner you can get on with life again.

    Meanwhile we will keep praying for full recovery and more great photos from you.


  27. Brian Marker

    Martin –

    Best wishes to a Successful Surgery and a Full Recovery!!

    I truly enjoy your all your work and passion you put into your craft.


  28. Christian

    You’ve got the right attitude Martin – and in that way you’re still teaching us all, as usual.

    You’ve got lots of people across the globe all thinking of you and awaiting your exit from hospital.

  29. Justin Davis

    Martin, I just saw this post, having missed the original, and was shocked. Although I haven’t contacted you before I feel I know you after listening to all your wonderful podcasts. You are a great teacher and photographer and I thank you for all that you share with us all. I’m so sorry to hear about this misfortune and wish all the best to you and your wife. I look forward to your speedy recovery and continued success.

  30. Mark Lacey


    Hope everything goes well. My thoughts are with you.


  31. Jansen Tang


    All the best for the op. I follow your work and progress (and that of David duChemin’s) closely, and it grieves me that such should befall great people.

    Take care, and hear from you soon.


  32. Mark Kinsman

    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this challenging time. You have a fantastic attitude that will get you through this and on to better times again. I went through my own trials with Cancer 2 years ago and can empathize with your current condition.
    You have made a significant impact on the photographic community with all that you’ve done to date and we all look forward to your speedy recovery.
    Best wishes for a prompt return,

  33. Roy Booth

    Were all thinking about you out here Martin. Only you could take a photo in the ambulance (with the worlds biggest clock) after having a stroke. Don’t forget to set up the video camera when you get to theatre 🙂

  34. Alvinus Melius

    Hey Martin, I’m just done reading this post and finding out for the first time that you are ill. I believe that you have beat this and come through with victory. There is no other option. It’s good to know that the tumor is not malignant though. Here to recovery.

  35. Carson McComas

    Martin, you sound strong. Please know that we’re pulling for you, and that we’re quite confident your work here isn’t done. In fact, I suspect we’ve only just begun to see the impact that Martin Bailey will have on the world. Including perhaps pioneering the camera-to-face stitching trend. 😉 Your fighting spirit, and tenacity are an inspiration. We’re with you all the way Martin.


  36. Adam

    I have been checking back every day for updates, knowing, of course, that you are a bit preoccupied at the moment 🙂
    I want to wish you well, and I am sure that you will tackle this with all the same energy and positivity that you have brought to your photography over the years, and to us. My best wishes from New York,

  37. Jonathan Robson

    Hi Martin,

    I’m a long time silent follower of your blog, podcast and photography. I just learnt of your news, really sorry to hear, stay strong, your photography is an inspiration to us all, chin up mate, you’re gonna be fine and back shootin’ and inspiring us all again in no time!!

    Take care,

  38. Doug Chinnery

    Hi Martin
    So pleased you are in good hands and being treated -and that you maintain your sense of humour. It must be scary and worrying but I am sure your positive nature and supportive wife and family along with the superbly skilful and caring medical staff will get you through this. You are in our thoughts mate
    Doug Chinnery

  39. Peter Riley

    Keep well Martin. I know you have the thoughts and best wishes from everybody right now. All the best.

  40. pmc

    It’s funny how listening to a podcast gives you the feeling of “knowing” the podcaster even if we’ve never met. So Martin, we don’t really know each other, but I’m pulling for you too, sending get well greetings from Switzerland. Take care and hang in there!

  41. Judith Holford

    You are so generous and kind-hearted in sharing your wonderful photographic knowledge. Hopefully all of these comments and good wishes from the photo community that you have built are now returning some of that spirit at this difficult time. Thoughts and prayers for the challenging days ahead. All the very best.

    PS You did say that you were taught “if you are going to get one – get a biggun”….this is taking it a step too far Martin!

  42. Albin

    I’ve been following your podcasts for a couple of years, appreciatively, not participating since I’ve only got a “bridge” camera. You’ve greatly helped open my eyes to how much I can do with it, and I’ve quite enjoyed your recent comments on the s95 P&S. I’m troubled by your predicament, but may have useful experience of my own on that: in my early 40s I was diagnosed and had surgery for “acoustic neuroma”, a benign growth on the auditory nerve. Possibly like you, I’d certainly have been dead without timely surgery, and one is grateful for life despite after-effects.

    My only advice is that one has to prepare and steel oneself for those after-effects, and you seem to be doing that. In my case, the result was some permanent nerve damage that was certainly not debilitating, but is certainly permanently irksome to me and noticeable to others. I particularly hope that in your case there is no effect on your important life-mission, as a gifted photographer and communicator about photography. Keep your eyes on the prize and I’m sure you’ll be able to make any necessary adjustments.

  43. Bruno Erni

    Dear Martin
    after reading your most recent post about your medical condition I’m glad that you now have a name for the tumor in your brain, and you are probably too. I’m by no means an expert in this field but the way you describe your case and the most recent findings make me confident that things will turn out the way we all are hoping for. Martin, you have what it takes to get over this.
    Hang in there! Ganbatte kudasai!

  44. IBU-TT.1

    Hi Martin,
    Our thoughts are with you, a lot of strength and a speedy recovery. こんにちはテン。私たちの思いの強さと迅速な回復の多くは、あなたとしています。 Greetings from Belgium.


  45. Jared Fein

    We are all praying for a successful outcome Martin. Best wishes my friend!

  46. dennisbrennan

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the update. Good to hear you are getting priority treatment. We’re all praying for you and your family.

    Hang in there. You’ll be out shooting the cosmos before you know it 🙂


  47. Nancy Lehrer

    Martin – scary monsters indeed. This kind of news certainly puts life’s little nuances in perspective. My thoughts are with you for a smooth operation and speedy recovery. I have one of your beautiful prints hanging on my wall to remind me to think of you each day. Perhaps I should send you one of my recent motion blur abstracts. You’ll never notice your problems with your eye sight. – Nancy

  48. Robert DeRobertis


    I’ve been listening to your podcasts and reading your blogs since podcast 144, July 2008. This was the time I began my journey to learn how to become a better photographer. I’ve listened to all your podcasts since and feel like I know you even though we never met. You have made me a better photographer through all you’ve taught me… and you don’t even know it!

    I decided to purchase an image of yours this week prior to reading your previous blog post. Thanks for sending the image. You must have done this between doctor / hospital visits. This image means soo much to me especially knowing the circumstances that you printed it under. And it was treated with such respect from how it was packaged to how it was shipped. You are a rare kind of wonderful person. Keep strong, fight this, you are in my prayers.



  49. Jan Oliver Koch

    Martin, I am one of those many silent followers of your podcast and I was really devastated when I read your previous post. It’s fantastic to see that you keep a good fighting spirit. Carry on like that and you’ll be out there again to shoot your wonderful pictures in no time ! My thoughts are with you and your wife who must have a very hard time too.

    Best wishes from Paris, JOK

  50. Marcus

    Good afternoon Martin !!
    Thankfully you were in Japan and not overseas when you had the cerebral infarction. Terrifying !! It must of been like you were living through an episode of “House”, if you haven’t seen ‘House’ yet, you haven’t lived lol, every second episode someone has a cerebral infarction.
    Anyway, last year I was looking at different photography competitions and came across this guy. Inspirational stuff.

    Ganbaro !! (To you & Yoshiko)

    -Marcus | Yoko | HAL ;D

  51. Pam in Darwin

    Heartfelt strength, courage and love to you and your family.

  52. Steve Gribbin

    Hi Martin,

    All our best from here is Aus as well.

    Your attitude is great and sometimes that is half the battle.

    We’ll all be thinking of you and praying for you, great news that you are going to be able to get the operation sooner.

    Get better soon.


  53. Alex Racanelli

    Martin and family,
    You are making progress and that together with your unrelenting resolve and strength will get you through this. Continue to be strong throughout and you will be fine. Looking forward to future podcasts. Get well soon. Cheers my friend!

  54. garry f

    You are going to beat this and a little downtime is going to get those creative juices flowing like an open tap. You’ll be doing more amazing stuff again very soon.

  55. Omar

    Make sure when they operate they don’t remove your photography lobe. We need it too!
    Good luck pal.

  56. Morgana

    I know things are pretty scary right now, but there are a lot people keeping you in their thoughts. We believe you can beat this. 🙂

  57. scott anderson

    Continuing to send good, healing vibes your way. Great to hear the surgery may be expedited, and that you’re closer to getting this all behind you. Take advantage of the hospital time to enjoy some photography books/magazines 😉
    Keep up with the positive attitude….it’s your best healer and defense, along with the wonderful support of your wife.

  58. Martin Bailey

    Lawks a Lordy, you guys are amazing! Look at this. I had to stay offline for about 36 hours while I got settled into the first then second hospital, and you posted 57 comments! I really can’t tell you how much this means to me. You are all totally awesome!

    I’m not going to name everyone in this reply, so really, just know that I’ve read every single comment, and treasure every word. I’m going to proceed here to reply to those that I have something specific to say or answer to.

    LisaD – No worries! Thanks for checking in though. It’s really nice to see you. Thanks for your thoughts. We’re staying strong and will be fine in the end.

    Michael! Great to see you here too. Live Life Large! I love it. I do, and I will continue to do so, for many years to come. Hope to shoot with you again some day my friend.

    Shyam, thanks for calling! It was nice to hear your voice again. I’m not supposed to make or take calls from my room at the hospital though, so I’m trying to save my naughtiness for when I need to call my wife. Also, please know that I’m fine, and will continue to update the blog as things happen.

    Yuji, man, I’ve seen how hard you work and believe me, you are strong too, and awesome. Still, thanks for the comment!And, I would love to shoot your family again. Let’s do that once I’m out of hospital and firing on all cylinders again. 🙂

    Bjorn – The hotels and flights are booked, and I will be announcing the details of next years Snow Monkey and Hokkaido Tours as soon as I get out of hospital and know that I’m 100% OK. I’m going to be OK, but it wouldn’t be good form to take bookings and deposits from a load of people then pop my clogs. I don’t intend to, but I’m not in full control and there will be risk. I’ve added you to my mailing list, so you’ll get a head-start on booking.

    Ian Brown, airwhale, Chris – I’m sure it will, but that’s partly because of your and everyone’s healing mojo that I’m getting here. Thanks!

    Chris Marquardt: Yes, it’s so nice to now have a good view of the enemy and a plan to get rid of it. I’ll certainly come out of this stronger in some ways, if not all. 🙂

    I’ll be on TFTTF whenevery you want! Just let me know friend.

    Rich Meston: Firstly, thanks so much for the positive message. Secondly, don’t stop listening to the Podcast! 🙂

    Greg: That’s good to hear. Thanks for taking the time to let me know, and for the vote of confidence.

    Richard Olpin: I totally agree. Since writing this post, we now have an almost firm date for the surgery, of Friday 24th of June, and I can’t wait to get started, so that I can get out of the op room, and confirm that everything’s OK, then start down the road to full recovery.

    My wife doesn’t know enough English, but my brother is flying out here, arriving on the 22nd, which is great. If he agrees not to fill my feed with too much crap, I’ll ask him to keep you all up to date. I’ll be online as much as possible otherwise, starting after this post.

    田中さん: ブログでお会いできると思ってもいませんでした。でも、すごくうれしいです。:-)


    Alan Brooks, Manuel Fuentes & Mary Angelini: Thanks for your comments. I am in the right place now, though I do wish they had a cheaper room available. This place might break me financially, but not mentally. I’m stronger and more optimistic every day.

    Scot: Totally! David and I talked about this in our chat this week. The Photography community is THE best in the world. You all ROCK, seriously. If you catch my reply here, do post a link to your blog post. I know where it is, but others might not be able to find it easily.

    Jeff Morley: Thanks for finding us, and I’m pleased we have had an impact on you. Thanks for the comment too, and please do hang around for a while.

    Justin: Thanks! I will. 🙂

    Saya: ありがとうございます。頑張りま〜す!

    David Jenne: I agree that the Photography community is amazing, and that it may well come from our appreciation of the world around us, which is redoubtably heighten by our Photography. Thanks for watching out for me brother!

    Jack V. Johnson: Scary indeed, but I’m going to beat those Super Creeps. 🙂 Thanks so much for the comment!

    Chris Whalley: I was always humbled to hear that I was able to inspire people with my Photography and Podcast, but now this has blown me away. Being able to inspire as a person has blown me away again!

    Daren Kelley: Oh yes. This world ain’t getting rid of me yet. Thanks for the comment and well wishes.

    Forrest Tanaka: Great to hear from you Forrest! I totally agree. The Infraction subsided quickly, without after effects. It’s hard to know if this would have been the case if I were in Antarctica, but at the very least, it would have scared the crap out of me, and maybe even caused an air-lift out of there, which would have been fun, but a pain for everyone else.

    This has expedited my surgery, and because I’m now in hospital right up to the surgery, I’m in the best hands, in case something else happens. Two days on, I agree even more with what you are saying. Spot on mate. 頑張りま〜す、田中さん。:-)

    Landon Michaelson: Hey Landon! Yes, it’s nice to be able to take at least most of the blame off Canon for the eyesight problems I had. 🙂

    I will fight through this, for sure. I have a couple of great jobs lined up at the moment that I really want to do, and they are giving me strength too. Thanks for your prayers mate. I love you man!

    Brian Marker and Christian: Thanks so much! I’ll be back out there bugging everyone before you know it.

    Justin Davis: Thanks! Sharing is in my nature, and I’ll continue to do so here, on my Podcast and probably in the coming month, on Twitter more than other streams. If that helps or inspires you or others, I couldn’t ask for more. Well, successful surgery is something that I could ask for, but I’m already praying for that. 🙂

    Mark Lacey & Jansen Tang: Thanks so much!

    Mark Kinsman: I’m sorry to hear about your cancer 2 years ago and hope that you are free of it now. I’ve tried to share as much as I can, as it’s in my nature, and I’m humbled that this has helped and inspired others, and it’s always totally awesome to me to read comments like yours here. Thanks so much!

    Roy Booth: Thanks mate! I actually have been thinking about videoing the procedure, but it would probably be too gory. 🙂

    Alvinus Melius: I love the past tense of your post! This is how me and my wife are talking! Thanks man! You’re the best!

    Carson McComas: I really appreciate that. It’s great to know that you and so many others are pulling for me. Thanks friend.

    Adam: I suspect that large updates here will only be once a week or less moving forward, but I’ll perhaps get more active on twitter as smaller nuggets crop up. I will beat this, but your comment here will have given me some of the strength that I need to do so. Thanks so much!

    Jonathan Robson: Thanks for the comment, confidence and encouragement!

    Doug Chinnery: Yep! In good hands now and working through this. I think the nurses here have just about had enough of my sense of humour, so I’m keeping myself under control a little at the moment. Thanks for thinking of me Doug!

    Peter Riley: Thanks Peter!

    pmc: Yes, I hear that a lot, and I also feel that with people I listen too, but don’t yet know personally. 🙂 Even so, I really appreciate you pulling for me and your well wishes. It gives me even more strength.

    Judith Holford: For sure, all of these comments are helping me. I was told by my Mum many times that “If you’re gonna get one, getta biggun”, and I sure did this time too. I just don’t seem to be able to do anything by halves. 🙂

    Albin: Thanks for sharing your own experiences here! There is a possibility that some permanent damage will be done, but at the moment the plan is to go in through the nose, and not the cranium just yet, and this minimizes the risk, though doesn’t totally alleviate it. Right now, I’d like to come through this alive, and with “minimal” collateral damage, and that’s it. Oh, and they say that my sense of smell will probably be hurt, which I can live with I guess. There are still a lot of unknowns, but I’m strong and positive, and looking forward to getting out of surgery and seeing how I fared.

    Bruno Erni: For sure, this last few days have been positive, and I’m feeling even more confident now when I say that I will get through this. Thanks for your comment!

    IBU-TT and Jared.1: Thanks so much!

    Dennis Brennan: Oh yes, the cosmos will be waiting for me, and I can’t wait to be well enough to lug my gear through the park to shoot them. Thanks for the comment mate!

    Nancy Lehrer: Hey Nancy, did I pronoucne your surname correctly when speaking with David duChemin recently?

    Thanks for thinking of me. As much as I’d love one of your prints, (un)fortunately, my eyesight will be fine by the time it arrives! 🙂

    Robert DeRobertis: Yes, I created your print during a relatively difficult time, but I was happy for something to do, to keep my mind occupied. Thanks so much for buying the print!

    The packaging was my standard packaging, but I take pride in how I do things like that, and would not let that slip because of a little thing like a brain tumour. 🙂

    Thanks for keeping me in your prayers!

    Jan Oliver Koch: Thanks for no longer being silent! 🙂 And thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.

    Marcus, my little Wombat! I’ve never seen House, so I’m not sure, but I am glad I was home when it happened, for sure. I’ll check out that Vimeo vid after I’ve finished writing this reply. Thanks mate!

    Pam in Darwin! Thanks darling! All the best to you and yours too.

    Steve Bribbin: Thanks for your thoughts and prayers Gribbo mate! Really appreciated.

    Alex Racanelli: Thanks for the comment my friend. I’m looking forward to creating more Podcasts, Photos and everything else, and hopefully meeting you in person one day.

    Garry f: Thanks for the comment! I think I will be changed by this, and hope to be able to channel that to something creative, very soon.

    Omar: I’m currently on the 16th Floor, if they remove my Photography Lobe, I’ll take the fast option to Ground floor! Just kidding. Don’t start worrying about me people. I would never do that.

    Morgana: Thanks! I will beat this, with all of your help!

    Scott Anderson: Thanks Scott! Yep, I’ve been keeping busy with stuff like that. Unfortunately, one of the symptoms of this tumour is lethargy, so keeping awake while living on a bed is tough, but I’m getting a few hours a day in. 🙂


  59. Abhijith Muthanna

    Dear Martin,
    It was a shock to read your blog. I did miss the previous one. Glad that you are making a good progress. I know for sure you will beat it with your attitude, resolve and mental strength. Wish you all the best and my prayers are with you.

    I am sure to see you around soon carrying your huge camera bag and taking pictures:-)

    Best Wishes,

  60. Melanie Lebel-Potter


    Wish all the best; nice to see you you back on the blog! We’ll continue to send our thoughts and prayers. However, I can’t help but see two very positive things in your post:

    1- If you have to have a tumour growing in your head, that’s the type of stuff you should be “wishing” for. (I am a biologist, not a medical doctor so do not take this as a medical advice though!)

    2- Someone who figures out a way to take a picture from inside the ambulance while being rushed to emergency AND less than 30 minutes after suffering a cerebral infarction will ALWAYS find a way to take pictures. I am not worried. 😉

    All the luck in the world to you and your wife.

  61. Martin Bailey

    Abhi! Wow! Great to see you here man! Thanks for the comment, and for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. See you around soon, with a slightly smaller camera bag. 🙂

    Melanie: Thanks for your great comment!
    Yes, I like to capture things that go off around me, even the inside of the ambulance, as you mention. My wife gets a little embarrassed, but I can’t help being me. 🙂

    Thanks for the well wishes too!


  62. Mark Crossfield


    Hope you recover quickly, my thoughts are with you during this challenging time.

    Like many others I have always enjoyed your Podcasts and feel you are very much part of my life, even though I have never met you.

    Best Wishes


  63. Trevor

    I missed your previous post, but saw your tweet this evening and was shocked to hear your predicament Martin. You are in my prayers. May you have the strength to overcome this, coming out the other side stronger than before.

    Best wishes and be strong.

  64. Dave Dickerson


    My Mom was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor at the age of 40. Her surgery was successful, and after a post-op rehab period, she resumed a healthy and productive life. Her friends and family will be gathering with her next month to celebrate her 85th birthday. My fervent wish is for an equally wonderful outcome for you.

    Warmest regards to you and your family,

  65. David Peacham


    I’m so sorry to hear of your troubles. I have just missed a couple of weeks of checking in with the MBP community and look what happens. Trust me I won’t go missing in action again.

    All the very best with the surgeries and follow up treatment. You and your family will be in my thoughts. Look forward to hearing you full of beans on the podcasts in the near future.


  66. Roger Overall

    What can one say?

    Your strength of character is remarkable. That’s a blessing, because it puts a few more percentage points on your side of the battle.

    My sister was given 2 years. Tops. She fought hard and lived long enough to have a daughter and watch her go to primary school.

    Thinking of you.


  67. Martin Bailey

    Mark Crossfield: We can get the actually meeting part done at a later date. For now, thanks for your thoughts!

    Fabian Pape:That’s a beautiful flower. I’m going to be around to continue to teach you everything I know already, or learn from now on, don’t worry! 🙂

    Trevor: Thanks for your prayers they will help me to overcome this and be stronger afterwards, for sure.

    Dave Dickerson: I’ve heard a number of these kind of stories, and the all help to fill me with confidence that I’m going to be alright. Thanks for taking the time to write it out Dave, and thank for your well wishes.

    David Peacham: None of this is your fault of course, and you just being there is an encouragement for me, so please don’t apologise. 🙂 Thanks for your well wishes mate! I really appreciate it.

    Roger Overall: Thanks Roger! Sorry to hear about your sister, but what a trooper! Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks all!


  68. Rob O'Keefe


    Heard of this through JL, just wanted to say “remain strong”. You have the character to keep on going, so just keep us updated on your progress and our thoughts are with you.

    Take care,

  69. sil

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I feel deeply touched by what’s happening to you now but from what you wrote I can tell you’re a strong guy and you’ll sure beat that beast. My healing thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Take care,


  70. Dave

    Get well soon Martin, wishing you a speedy recovery. Best regards to your wife too, can’t imagine the worry she must be feeling right now.

  71. Martin Bailey

    Rob: Wow! Great to hear from you mate! I’m staying strong and will get through this, and hope to come and see you guys once I’m back to 100%. Thanks for your comment and sentiment.

    Sil: Thanks! You’re thoughts and prayers are so very much appreciated.

    Dave: Thanks to you too. I passed on your best wishes to my wife too, and she was touched. She’s handling it OK considering, but it’s tough on her, as you suspected. I just can’t wait to drag her to Africa after all this and look out across the Savanna together.

  72. Prakash

    Hi Martin,

    You are a strong man! Wishing you a very fast recovery.


  73. Wayne Grant

    Hey Martin, your sense of humour throughout the news about this scary tumour (hey that rhymed by accident, sorry) is amazing to me. I mean dude you’re truly an inspiration man! Hang in there. It seems like prayers have been sent for you and answered to some degree so far. But I will continue to pray for your well-being during and after your upcoming surgery. Good luck and be well! Cheers.

  74. Ken Warren

    Martin, They say that a positive mental attitude is the key to a quick recovery. You have that covered in spades! The best to you in your recovery and to your wife for being by your side.

  75. Ibarionex


    I continue to pull for you and to keep you in my prayers. I hope that your surgery goes well and that you have a speedy and full recovery. Take care and we’ll talk again soon.


  76. Wolfgang

    Hi Martin

    My thoughts are with you and your wife. I hope everything goes well and we can continue our plans.
    Keep my fingers cross for you.

    Kind Regards

  77. Mairi Macaulay

    Your positive attitude is such an inspiration. I hope your operation and treatment is successful.

  78. Holly Sisson

    Hi Martin,

    I’ve been thinking about you frequently over the last few days, and expect that I will continue to do so until I hear all is well. Best wishes for great success in your treatment and recovery.


  79. Mike P

    Hi Martin,

    I just stumbled upon your website today through David duChemin’s blog and I saw this post on your blog. This is terrible news but I love your positive attitude and my prayers are with you.

    Keep the faith!


  80. Jack Andrys


    We are with you through this, thanks for the update and wishing you the best.

    Jack Andrys

  81. Pat B.


    You seem to have a great attitude towards this and I wish you and your wife the best of luck. I am hoping for the quickest of recoveries for you.


  82. Namdev

    Hey Martin,

    I know you are a strong guy as ever and would come out of this situation easily and quickly. Me, my wife Magi will remember you in our prayers. Looking forward for your next visit to India, so that you can shoot our family (Me, Magi and our 11 month old daughter “Tara”) portrait. Will buy you a KF strong beer. 🙂


  83. kathleen

    Wishing your strength and healing…take care.

  84. Chris

    Hang in there Martin… wishing you all the best for a swift recovery…

  85. Barbara Hoegler

    Martin, I just found out and read your posts. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife. You will get through this. Take care.

  86. Cameron Wood

    Hey dude, just started listening to your show and was working my way through the back catalouge when i thought id listen to the latest show. man! to me you just got over your gall bladder!
    take care, and i wish you all the best in your surgery.

  87. Rubina Gonsalves

    Martin, your strength in being positive through this difficult time will definitely help you recover completely and that too speedily. My prayers and best wishes are with you and your wife. Take care. Nature awaits to be captured by you yet again 🙂

  88. Pieter Mantel

    Given all the posts on your blog, it clearly shows how much you mean to a lot of people (and well deserved!). I hope you find strength and a little consolation from all this support. Good luck in surgery Martin!

  89. Oliver


    Stay strong, I know it can’t be easy but I hope that the support and encouragement from this forum will help. We will all be thinking about you over the next few days. Please post again soon with news.

  90. Albert

    Still prayign for you mate – stay strong.

  91. Al Woodcock

    I have been listening to your old podcasts, slowly working my way back and not keeping up with the latest ones…until today when I listened to the latest, therefore this tardy message. Your ability to stay positive is amazing and very important to your recovery. As a volunteer in the pre op area of a local hospital, I visit with patients about to go through major surgery and am inspired by their attitude so similar to yours. We all are rooting for you, Martin, so keep up the fight and the pictures coming from inside the hospital if you are so inspired. My best to your and your wife and know you are in my prayers in the weeks ahead.

  92. Paul

    Wishing you all the best for a swift recovery…

  93. Susan M

    thanks to Sean, Martin’s brother, for telling us the op went well and as of Friday night Martin was recovering in ICU. I am keeping up
    prayers for continued and speedy recovery.

  94. Leejo

    Good to know that Martin is recovering – wiching him a speedy and successful recovery!
    Keeping up the prayers too.

  95. Andrew Masur


    I’ve been off the grid for a couple of weeks so sorry for the lateness of this. To say this news has come as a shock is beyond understatement.

    Your grace, bravery and optimism through what has undoubtedly been the most trying time of your life is so inspiring as to be beyond words. I’ve always believed that everything that happens to us in life, good or bad, is a lesson that we can learn and grow from. If that’s really the case then your trials have remined us of the most important lesson of all; relish the time that we’ve been given.

    It’s wonderful to hear that you should eventually make a complete recovery from this. My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.

    Take care of yourself and be well.


  96. Mike Young


    I have just discovered your fantastic podcast and blog and I really appreciate the effort you put into giving us knowledge and insight into photography. I especially have enjoyed your words of wisdom concerning your adventure into going into photography full time.

    I pray for your speedy recovery. It sounds like the operation went well and now the process of recovery begins. I have a feeling photography will be an important part of that recovery. Best wishes and you have a new faithful follower!



  97. Matthew Marshall

    All the very best with your recovery Martin. I’ve been following your podcast for a few months now and you’re a true inspiration; your personality is contagious and your passion not just for photography but for life itself shines right through.

    Loving the way that even in the ambulance you’re still shooting!

    Take care mate and hope to hear more from you shortly.

    Best regards


  98. Rodrigo Caetano


    You are so brave! I wish I had half of your strength. Thank you for keeping inspiring us. My thoughts and prayers are with you, man! I wish all the very best in your recovery!

    Warmest regards from Brazil,


  99. Chris


    Keep up your strength and faith for quick recovery. You are a great inspiration, we look forward hearing from you soon, my wife and I enjoy your work and wish you the best.

    Missing you in Florida,

    Chris and Patty

  100. Susan M

    🙂 welcome back to your home, Martin. Excellent news. We are all still with you.

  101. Dr Dave

    Gidday Martin,

    I’m only a recent listener to your podcast – after deciding to get back into photography in a big way (my daytime job is computer security).

    Very sorry to hear you are not well – wish you the best in your treatment!

    Hang in there mate,
    Dave Matthews

  102. Carol T SAP1

    Hi there Sunshine (from Tassie,)

    Am I sorry to hear that you encountered one of the biggest monsters in your life and you just can’t get that photo opportunity!!
    I have just heard by way of Lis of your illness, can’t say just how sorry I am to hear you are not your smiling, bouncy self that I encountered on that wonderful trip to the Antarctic.
    I am remorseful now, that I did not make contact with you since my return.
    And we all thought it was the martay (?) didn’t we?
    I’ll be watching your site hoping to get a sign that all is now well.
    Best regards to you and yours

  103. Dorit Bar-Zakay

    Dear Martin

    Yesterday I entered your blog after a month+ and
    I was shock to read all. I know that you are a strong person
    (physical and mental) and I am sure you will succeed to recover
    from this situation.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for your recovery
    Stay strong and get well soon


  104. Bruce

    Hello Martin,
    I’ve been away from home shooting during the month of June and recently learned about your illness. I want to wish you the best and hope that you have a healthy and rapid recovery after surgery and treatment.

    Your work and approach to photography and life is an inspiration.
    Take care and heal fast.
    bruce leventhal

  105. Malcolm Kingswell

    Hey Martin,

    Only just caught up with this , just want to say we are all thinking about your recovery. Start planning your next projects , and know that we will be waiting patiently to hear about them.

    Best wishes


  106. Dave Warner

    You better hurry up and get better, because I have nobody to harass late at night via Skype in Japan! Besides, with you out of the loop I’m finding that I have to do more podcasts to fill your void 🙂

  107. Martin Bailey

    Hi All!

    Please forgive me for not replying by name to all of the friends that have kindly commented here. I am trying to keep my computer time in small slices, so as not to overdo it, but I have just read through every comment.

    It’s so nice to hear from so many friends, new and old, and I truly will treasure these comments for years to come.

    Anyway, I am really pleased to tell you that your prayers and positive vibes have been a huge help. I’m now back home again, after some problems with my liver through overmedication following the tumour surgery.

    I’m feeling better and better every day. I’ve still got a ways to go to full recovery, but I’m probably around 80% of the way there. I just have to take it easy for a while more, and I’ll probably be able to start podcasting again at least. I’ll also provide a full update on what happened since the last post, either just as a blog post, or a Podcast too.

    You’ve all helped me to come through this, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

    All the best!


  108. Wes Taylor

    Just read your post! Wow! You will recover guy! I just had a large pituitary gland tumor removed last fall. I was a bit shaken as well. Really gets to you when the eye sight starts to be messed with. I’m so glad to see you are getting all the right treatment and that you have tons of support. That is really the key to a quick recovery! Hang in there! Don’t let the hormone imbalances get to you!
    Take care! Love your work and podcast! Look forward to hearing your soothing voice again soon!

  109. Ray Fids

    Hi Martin, so pleased to read your update. Stay strong get well soon as you are such an inspiration.
    Ray Fids

  110. Andrew Masur


    I’m overjoyed to hear that you are recovering well. I look forward to hearing your stories in either a podcast or on the blog.

    Get better, remember we have a workshop in Canada to plan, and I’m holding you to it! 🙂

    Take care.


  111. Phil Scott

    Martin….just getting back to your blog and podcast. So much has happened, and you have exactly the powerful, confident outlook to prevail and be absolutely fine after all of this just as you seem to be already!. Thinking of you buddy! Keep the positivity rolling. We’re all here for you as you make your comeback.

  112. Bruce

    I am so glad to see that you are recovering from your surgery…
    Your committment to your craft is admireable and I (like others) am looking forward to hearing your podcasts and reading your blogposts in the near future.

    Welcome back!
    Regards, bruce

  113. Justin woodward

    Hi Martin. Just wanted to join the ranks of all the other listeners. To your podcast that have expressed how much joy and learning you’ve given to others, and how grateful I am that you have done what you’ve done. I just was listening to your podcast with ibarionex, and felt the need to post. Thank you.


  114. Owin Thomas

    Hi Martin,

    just read the last reply to this post you did. I’m glad the op went well and that you’re on the road to recovery.

    I just want to add my hopes for a speedy recovery and looking forward to hearing the first podcast after you’re back on your feet soon, but not too soon … get back up to 100% first.

    Take it easy.

  115. Peter Riley

    I’m so glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery. I hope you allow your recovery to take as long as it needs both physically and emotionally. I know your determination and strength will see you through this difficult time.

    Best regards to you and your family.

  116. Inés

    Today I couldn’be more shocked when I read what you are going through. Being positive is the first step for recovering and it’s clear you are being so. Great news to hear that you are back home. Just take the time to recover and let your family and friends take care of you. Hope to hear soon from you.

    Best wishes!

  117. Warren

    All the best Martin.


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