Episode 289 : A Chat with Ibarionex Perello

by | Jun 8, 2011 | Announcement, Art Talk, Business, Musings, OMG!, Podcast | 3 comments

Today, I’m proud and honored to be joined by fellow Podcaster and friend, not to mention just amazing photographer, Ibarionex Perello.

Ibarionex Perello

Ibarionex Perello

Ibarionex is a photographer, writer, educator and filmmaker with over 20 years of experience in the photographic industry. He’s been published in magazines such as Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, Shutterbug, Popular Photography and Rangefinder.

Most of you though will already know Ibarionex as the host of the popular podcast, The Candid Frame Podcast, in which Ibarionex shares with us his conversations with some of the world’s best established and emerging photographers.

Ibarionex also recently released his first book Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography with Available Light. I’ve read it, and it’s every bit if not more inspiring than the man himself, but today, I’m really pleased to be able to say, sit back and relax, and enjoy my conversation with Ibarionex Perello.

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon. Note that this is an affiliate link, so although the cost of the book to you is unchanged, you support this Podcast by buying with this link. Thank you!

Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography with Available Light (Voices That Matter)

Here’s a link to Ibarionex’s video that we discussed as well. This is a beautiful and inspiring video, well worth a watch.


Now, I also drop a bit of a bomb on you and Ibarionex in this Podcast. I won’t mention it here before you listen, but know that I’m going to be fine. I will not let this thing that’s cropped up beat me, and I’ll Podcast or blog about this more as I learn more myself.

Podcast show-notes:

The Candid Frame Podcast: http://thecandidframe.com/

Ibarionex’s book, “Chasing the Light” on Amazon: https://mbp.ac/ctl

Music from Music Alley: http://www.musicalley.com/


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  1. Susan M

    I’ve just listened to this conversation between two people I have come to respect through the cyber. Thank you; it was inspirational.

  2. Martin Bailey

    Thanks Susan! I’m pleased you enjoyed our conversation. I really enjoyed it too.


  3. Marc-Andre Cossette

    Martin, Ibarionex,

    Thanks so much to both of you for a tremendously moving and inspirational podcast. I’ve listened to you both individually for some time now, but your conversation together seemed to bring things to a whole other level, especially given the news you’ve received, Martin. Ibarionex really did speak on behalf of all of us in wishing you well. Photographers really do form a great community of caring, generous people, and we will certainly be keeping you in our thoughts.

    All the best,
    – Marc-Andre


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