Podcast 213 : Martin Interview by Jack Andrys, WebSpy CEO – Part 2

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Many people have asked me to give more details about myself over the four years that I’ve been doing the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast, but I didn’t get around to it until last week. When I spoke with Jack Andrys, the CEO of WebSpy, our sponsor, about having Jack on the show, he had the idea of him interviewing me. It turned into a 2 hour and 20 minute marathon chat, so I split it into two episodes, and this is the second part.

There is going to be no transcript for these two episodes, as they were not scripted, but here are the images that I mentioned, and you can listen to the audio with the player below, or via iTunes as usual.

There were some photos of me as a kid in last week’s blog post, but this week the only photograph I mentioned was my favorite from my Hokkaido workshop last year, Distant Dance.

Distant Dance

Distant Dance

By the way, the really weird music in this episode is me playing the Didgeridoo at a Christmas Party in 2002. I got a bit better than this before I stopped playing because it was too noisy and not fair on my neighbors.

I hope this episode is not too self indulgent, as many people have asked for more details about me. We also interweave a lot of photography related topics too, especially in the second half, so please do take a listen.


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1 Comment

  1. Mikael

    Great podcast. It was very interesting to hear about your background, ideas and plans for the future. Jack and you had a very relaxing discussion and the 2+ hours passed by really quick. Keep up the good work and I amsure you will do another four years of podcasting in no time.


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