Podcast 212 : Martin Interview by Jack Andrys, WebSpy CEO – Part 1

Many people have asked me to give more details about myself over the four years that I've been doing the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast, but I have never gotten around to it. When I spoke with Jack Andrys, the CEO of WebSpy, our sponsor, about having Jack on the show,...

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Martin Bailey
Martin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer and educator based in Tokyo. He's a pioneering Podcaster and blogger, and an X-Rite Coloratti member.
  • Forrest Tanaka
    Posted at 00:14h, 13 October Reply

    Really enjoyed this episode! You’re full of surprises, Martin, like playing the Didgeridoo and the black-sheep brother.

  • Martin Bailey
    Posted at 10:40h, 13 October Reply

    Thanks Forrest. I’m pleased you enjoyed this episode.

    There’s a load more where this came from, but if I went into any more detail I’d need a week!

    Of course part two will be released next week, but still, there’s a lot left unsaid. Thinking about it, maybe that’s how it should be. 🙂

  • Jack Andrys
    Posted at 15:04h, 13 October Reply

    Martin the interview reminded me of my first film SLR a Zenit E, so I am purchasing one on Ebay now 🙂

    • Martin Bailey
      Posted at 20:59h, 13 October Reply

      That’s great Jack, congrats! Let us know if you shoot anything with it. I bought a Canon AE-1 a few years ago, and drop the odd film in, and it really does feel great to use these old cameras. My AE-1’s shutter sticks every few frames though, which is a little annoying. I hope your Zenit is in good working order.

  • Robert DeRobertis
    Posted at 08:15h, 14 October Reply

    Martin, thanks for sharing. It is good to hear about the person whom I’ve listened to for well over a year. I love your attention to detail and how you share the detail with all of us. Looking forward to part 2.

    I spend a week every other month in Japan in the late 90’s. (One hell of a commute from the East Coast of the US.) Those were interesting times for Japan. The high tech boom was full speed ahead and the culture seemed to be on the edge of change. I wonder if you witnessed any of that between the hiatus 97-2000. Cheers.

  • Martin Bailey
    Posted at 13:07h, 16 October Reply


    Thanks for the comment. I’m pleased you enjoyed the interview and are enjoying the Podcast.

    That sure is one hell of a commute from the East Coast. The West Coast wouldn’t be so bad, but East Coast. I feel your pain.

    I was involved in the start of the high-tech changes, but didn’t really notice any huge leaps from when I left in ’97 to when I returned in 2000. Phones were a bit smaller, that’s all. 🙂

    Apart from that, Japan hasn’t changed a lot in my eye, but that’s probably because I live here. If you came back now, 10 years on, I’m sure things are different.

    The new government is a good thing too. We are finally seeing some changes for the better due to the change in political party. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.


  • Alex
    Posted at 22:52h, 19 October Reply

    Of all the Podcasts I engage in, I look forward to experiencing yours the most. Your candid interview#1 with Jack Andrys was great. Looking forward to more!

    Love your work,

  • Robert DeRobertis
    Posted at 03:21h, 20 October Reply

    I’ll love to come back to Japan. I’m hoping that I may be able to get a trip over on business in January. If I do, would love to come to photograph the snow monkeys.

    Great podcast, thanks.

  • Martin Bailey
    Posted at 13:23h, 20 October Reply

    Thanks very much for the kind words Alex! I’m pleased you enjoy the Podcast and this episode too!

    Robert, if you can time your trip that would be great. The snow monkeys are amazing. I had a really hard time editing my shots from just 1.5 days down to less than 50. I usually like to post just one or two images from a shoot but it just wasn’t possible with these guys. I ended up posting 45 images!!


  • Alex
    Posted at 05:25h, 24 October Reply

    The snow monkey shots are stunning Martin (above link)! Would love to just see them let alone have a chance to photograph them. Looking forward to other projects you are working on. Enjoy!

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