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Podcast 195 : May ’09 Assignment – Nothing in Focus – Results

Interview with Jon Sheer (JRaptor) (Podcast 194)
Podcast 196 : Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Today we take a look at the winners of the May Assignment with the theme “Nothing in Focus”, and congratulate the winner of the first Accumulated vote Grand Prize of 2009.

Unfortunately, before recording this episode, I didn’t notice that the third and second place had the same number of votes, meaning they were both actually joint second place. Sorry about that Craig!

Joint Second Place:

"A Blurred" by Craig Halp

“A Blurred” by Craig Halp

Joint Second Place:

"I finally found my reading glasses!" by Milt Lyerly

“I finally found my reading glasses!” by Milt Lyerly

First Place:

"Tibetan Monk creating Long Life Buddha Sand Mandala" by Paul Davis

“Tibetan Monk creating Long Life Buddha Sand Mandala” by Paul Davis

All Images © Copyright of contributing members

First Half of 2009 Grand Prize!

Remember that this assignment was the last assignment for the first half of 2009, which we’ll be grouping together for the first accumulate vote prize. The prize for this first half of the year is a cheeky rain-check prize. I’m working on a project to product small fine art print folios, that I’m hoping to make available in the next few months, and the winner of this first accumulated vote assignment will receive edition #1 of that first folio once it’s available.

And now that the votes are in, I am able to congratulate Forrest Tanaka for amassing over 100 votes in the five assignments that make up this first batch of 2009. He always puts so much into the Assignment, and it really shows. Forrest won the Lowepro bag when we were sponsored by Lowepro too. You’re certainly doing everything right Forrest, so please accept my rain-check prize, and I’ll be in touch in the coming months to make sure that your postal address hasn’t changed.

With that, we start a new series of six monthly assignments from the one currently in progress for June, until the end of November, and the prizes for this have been made possible by our sponsors WebSpy. There’s a blog post with details of the prizes, but to quickly recap, the third place winner will receive every issue of LensWork Extended up until December this year, when the prize winners will be decided. That’s 29 issues of LensWork extended, which is an incredible prize. Thanks to the kind folks at LensWork for arranging such a great prize for us. The second place winner will receive a Lensbaby Composer. Again, this is just amazing, and will open many creative doors for the winner. The first place winner will receive an incredible Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM Lens! If the winner already has this lens or simply does not want it, you can exchange it for a $500 B&H gift voucher. How cool is that!?

So, if you haven’t already, please do get out and start shooting for the June assignment, on the theme of Everything in Focus.

Podcast show-notes:

Here are the details of the photography assignment prizes that WebSpy has kindly sponsored too: https://martinbaileyphotography.com/2009/06/09/competition-prizes/

This episode is sponsored by WebSpy, the Internet Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting Specialists.

The music in this Podcast was created and produced by UniqueTracks.


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Interview with Jon Sheer (JRaptor) (Podcast 194)
Podcast 196 : Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
  • Martin Bailey
    Posted at 14:49h, 15 June Reply

    MBP Podcast 195: “Nothing in Focus” Assignment Results: Web > http://tr.im/oxNz iTunes > http://tinyurl.com/mbpitunes #photog

  • Leslie
    Posted at 00:42h, 17 June Reply

    Congratulations to the winners! These are beautiful images. This was a tough assignment to get an image that looked like it was meant to be intentionally not sharp. I tried several different things: filters, manually unfocusing the image in camera, zooming the lens, etc. I think the best results for me were from a long exposure. I did have one image that I almost submitted that was a “happy accident”, but part of it was too sharp.

  • Martin Bailey
    Posted at 12:45h, 15 July Reply

    I had a lot of fund shooting for this assignment too. It’s great to get us thinking about stuff that we might not try otherwise. 🙂

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