As one of the participants of the 2018 Namibia Tour and after looking over your first blog of that trip this morning I wanted to comment immediately, while the tears are still fresh in my eyes. I guess I would describe them as tears of joy or maybe gratitude. Only being back home from that trip a couple of days and still a little bit jet-lagged it is emotionally a bit overwhelming for me to try and describe my experience right now. The beauty and diversity I experienced in Namibia were both amazing and surprising. As a beginner photographer what I learned about photography far exceeded any of my expectations. As a lover of life what I experienced from everyone on the trip was camaraderie, support and a real passion for beauty, vision, and creativity. I want to say to you Martin, to your assistant Rich, and each one of my fellow co-participants of the Namibia journey of a lifetime – thank you! I recalled the message on the shirt backs of our driver/guides – “We Change Lives”…. How true!

You really inspired me during the trip Martin, and your photos from the travelogue posts continue to inspire me! I can’t keep away from my computer since I’ve returned from Namibia. I love playing around with my photos in Lightroom. I am paying more attention to the details of the composition of my photos instead of just choosing what is most in focus. Studying them in Lightroom and working to develop them is continuing to teach me a lot about how to take a good photo. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I’m having fun, feeling creative and inspired by what I learned on the trip and the photos that I have to play with now…. I even feel that I came away with a handful of really good photographs that I am proud of. Thank you for all of the help you gave me Martin!

Jan Wagner