I am an Italian amateur photographer living in France. I have been studying Martin’s mentoring material (podcasts, video, and books) for the past few months and I got convinced that Martin’s approach suits my learning attitude and skills. So, to improve my photography skills I have arranged a one-hour consultation session with him. During the session (via Skype) we have analyzed and discussed a dozen photos I have captured in the last few months. We have systematically addressed both technical and aesthetical aspects of each photo. This process was very instructive and Martin gave me several pieces of practical advice on how to improve or re-interpret my pictures.

In some cases, I have even been able to go back to a specific spot and take a second version of the same picture. This is very useful. Of note, the entire consultation has been video recorded, so I can go back to specific points whenever I need. I will regularly repeat this exercise to set more solid foundations for my photographic skills. In particular, Martin’s approach is based on making photographic choices as deliberate as possible. I very much appreciate this attitude as it allows cumulating and organizing existing and future experiences. In short, you move from learning by doing to knowing what you are doing, which I like a lot.

Iacopo Baussano