I was so impressed with the 2014 Hokkaido winter wildlife tour that I also joined the 2015 Hokkaido Winter Landscape tour. Both tours were truly outstanding. On the wildlife tour, the quantity of cranes, eagles, snow monkeys, etc., far exceeded expectations. The weather presented us with some challenges but plans were quickly adjusted to provide an extremely productive and rewarding photo tour. The tour/workshop was very professionally planned, organized and executed.

Similarly, during the Landscape tour, all efforts were made to provide us with interesting locations that would be appropriate for the existing lighting and snow conditions.  Such planning and execution would not be possible without Martin’s in depth experience in Japan and particularly in Hokkaido. As MB photography podcast listeners would agree, Martin is extremely knowledgeable on the technical and artistic aspects of photography and he is always eager to educate and provide assistance to all participants, regardless of skill levels.  It should also be mentioned that the Japan tour operator support, transportation, lodging, meals, onsen, etc., all contributed to a unique, enjoyable, Hokkaido photographic experience —Highly recommended!

Gerry Abbott