From the moment we all met at Haneda Airport, the trip was ‘flawless”. The organization and execution of the entire trip was meticulous and well thought out, the hotel accommodation plush, and the local cuisine exquisite.

Martin’s eloquent skill in the Japanese language, and having excellent mastery of the local environment meant he was able to deliver the very best of Hokkaido for both wildlife and landscape photo opportunities.

I had always struggled with the intricacy of exposure and I never shot in full manual mode, Martin’s insight on these topics is ingenious, suffice to say, after the trip, I now only ever shoot in full manual mode. Martin’s tutoring meant I came away from the Hokkaido tour with many 1st class photos of Japanese Red-Crowned Cranes, Eagles, Ezo Deer and a sound understanding of photography. This tour truly delivers a Hokkaido Winter Wonderland Workshop