I have been on enough photo’ tours with Martin to know that the organisation, accommodation, and photography will be amongst the best available.  But this was to be my first visit to the African Continent since I had lived and worked in Kenya several decades ago and so I had other concerns, albeit slight, about such things as security and the quality of food and drinking water.  These, however, were put to rest almost as soon as my flight had landed … the experience of arriving for the first time at an international airport can, at best, be intimidating.  But not so at Windhoek; there was almost a party atmosphere in the small arrivals hall with a crowd of cheerful, welcoming faces.  And the whole experience just got better and better from that encouraging start.

Namibia is extremely photogenic regardless of your interest, be it landscape, portrait or wildlife, and we saw it all.  Our two guides, Jimmy and Forster, proved to be knowledgeable, friendly and extremely safe drivers; two top quality professionals.  The accommodation was excellent, albeit one only for its essential location, as was the food & beverage throughout.  And everywhere was so clean; even in remote villages well off the main tourist trails the washroom and other facilities were sparkling.  Wrap all this up with Martin’s cheerful enthusiasm for his craft, at which he is a master, and a terrific experience was all but guaranteed … and so it proved! Will I return?  For sure I will … unfortunately, I cannot make it in 2018 but have 2019 in my sights!

Nicholas Kitto