I joined Martin on his January 2017 Landscape Photography tour to Hokkaido, Japan.  What an amazing, extremely well-organized photography tour! Martin’s team of a very experienced coach driver and tour administrator made sure that the holiday went smoothly and hassle-free. The tour administrator; especially went to great lengths to be helpful and to ensure that our energy and enthusiasm was totally directed at our photography. Hokkaido is an amazing photography destination and Martin’s knowledge and expertise of this beautiful part of Japan ensured that we were in the right place at the right time to produce exceptional minimalist images. We had plenty of time to get the images, never rushed and if the weather wasn’t quite right, then we would go back again. If we needed any photography advice, Martin was always on hand.

I just love the trees, they are so beautifully shaped and placed!  We had a lovely, friendly group of people from different parts of the world and I enjoyed the camaraderie of discussing our images (and equipment) whilst thawing out on our spacious, warm coach. We also had great fun getting to know Japanese food and acquiring a taste for Sake! If you want to experience a photographic adventure and come home with some exceptional minimalist images, then I would definitely recommend you book a photography holiday with Martin Bailey Photography.  It was brilliant, I’m still thinking of all the happy memories now!

Jan Ison