NextGEN Pro Gallery Review and Walkthrough (Podcast 583)

NextGEN Pro Gallery Review and Walkthrough (Podcast 583)

This week I’ve created a video to review and walk you through the NextGEN PRO gallery that I have recently implemented on my web site. As you’ll see, it isn’t perfect, but it’s a very feature rich gallery and lightbox solution. With e-commerce built right in, it will save a lot of time as we can configure pricing and the types of products available on a high level and just assign them to the entire gallery. It’s also possible to apply different settings to individual images, as we’ll see in the video.

The podcast audio for this week is a short introduction to let you know about the video, but I also have a message from a gentleman named Curtis Cunningham about his new “Wonderful World of White” Kickstarter project, which I’ve inserted into the audio too. So please do listen to that with the above audio player. You can see details on Curtis’ web site and on Kickstarter.  

NextGEN Pro Gallery Video

Please do check out my video below though, as I get into NextGEN in all its glory, and as you’ll see, it’s although I’m happy with it, it’s not without its faults, which granted may be caused by my server, but everything else is running fine. You can check out the resulting galleries as I’m now using NextGEN to serve up my still photography portfolios here.

If you are interested, you can check out and buy NextGEN PRO here:

Do let me know how you get on in the comments below, and I hope you run into fewer issues than I seem to be seeing.

Show Notes

Check out the NextGEN galleries on my Portfolios page here:

Music by Martin Bailey


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