Focus Stacking Tutorial Video (Podcast 439)

Focus Stacking Tutorial Video (Podcast 439)

This week I share a video tutorial showing how to shoot for and create a focus stacked image in Photoshop using a focusing rail. Focus stacking can be a lot of fun, and is often the only way to get everything in focus in macro photography due to the extremely shallow depth-of-field at when focusing at such close distances.

Note that there is currently a bug in Photoshop 15.1 (CC 2014.1) that prevents this feature from working properly. If you want to give this a try, you might have to downgrade Photoshop (with great difficulty) or wait for Photoshop 15.2 (CC 2014.2) which will hopefully fix the issue.

The focussing rail I use in this video is the Really Right Stuff Macro Focusing Rail B150B-LMT-Pkg: For collared macro lenses

Here’s the video in Full HD, so go full screen to view.

Here is the resulting photograph. Note a great shot, but you can see how the entire flower head is now in crisp focus because we merged all of the sharp areas from each image in Photoshop.

Sunflower Focus Stack

Sunflower Focus Stack

Show Notes

Really Right Stuff Macro Focusing Rail B150B-LMT-Pkg: For collared macro lenses


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