Environmentally Aware Photography with Brian Doyle (Podcast 730)

Environmentally Aware Photography with Brian Doyle (Podcast 730)

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Today I’m really happy to be able to bring you an interview with a young, environmentally aware photographer, Brian Doyle. During our hour long conversation Brian shares his story with us and talks about his photography and how he’s using it to hopefully secure a better planet for his and future generations. As our conversation was not scripted I don’t have a manuscript too hare with you today, but as a reference, here are the bullet points that I put together to guide our discussion.

* Tell us a little about yourself and how you initially go into photography?

* It’s great that you are raising awareness of environmental issues with your photography. Tell us more about what you are doing…

* You’ve sent me five beautiful images. Please walk us through each image.

* With obviously a strong foothold in the genre of wildlife photography, can you give us three tips for people that want to shoot better wildlife images?

* Where can people go to catch up with you online? (http://www.briandoylephoto.com)

Brian’s Discussion Images

Show Notes

Catch up with Brian here: http://www.briandoylephoto.com

Music by Martin Bailey


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