Life Happens in COLOR with Nancy Lehrer (Podcast 616)

Life Happens in COLOR with Nancy Lehrer (Podcast 616)

Today I’m really happy to be able to bring you a conversation with Nancy Lehrer. Those of you that used to participate in our forum before we had to close it down due to the constant spamming, may well remember Nancy. She always had something useful and insightful to add to the conversation and started a number of great topics herself too if I recall. 

Nancy has just written a book called Life Happens in COLOR – a Street Photography Manifesto, in which she shares some beautiful photography, as well as her firm opinions on the use of color in street photography. I, unfortunately, had to have this conversation having only skimmed over the book because I lost the time I’d set aside to read it yesterday to technical issues with the website, but with those behind me now, I really enjoyed this conversation, and I think you will too.

Here is a brief outline of our conversation:

Nancy tells us about herself and how she got into photography
What is it about street photography that appeals to Nancy?
What motivated Nancy to write her new book Life Happens in COLOR – a Street Photography Manifesto?
We then talk through the below three photographs from the book.
Nancy gives us three pieces of golden advice for making better street photographs

You can check out Nancy’s work and grab a copy of her book here:

Here are three images that we talked about during our conversation.

Playing the Horses
Playing the Horses
Limitless Future
Limitless Future
The Grand Daughter of an Immigrant
The Grand Daughter of an Immigrant

Simply beautiful and very thought-provoking work from Nancy here. Sorry if you usually read, but today’s is a listen too only episode. 🙂

Morocco Tour & Workshop Nov 12 – 23, 2018

The closest I come to this kind of photography, as I mentioned in our conversation, is Morocco. If you’d like to join this year’s Morocco Tour and Workshop from November 12 to the 23rd we do still have some open spaces, so check out the details at

Morocco Tour & Workshop 2018

Show Notes

Nancy’s web site:

Music by Martin Bailey


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