The Natural Portrait with Andrew S. Gibson (Podcast 405)

The Natural Portrait with Andrew S. Gibson (Podcast 405)

Andrew S. Gibson just released his latest Craft & Vision ebook, which is a “Big Book” some 240 pages long, all about making The Natural Portrait. At a time when so much of the information has us scrambling for our flashes, this book is a breath of fresh air, as it’s all about using natural available light.

The Natural Portrait by Andrew S. Gibson - Craft & Vision

In our conversation, Andrew gives us a brief run-down of what the book is about, and we then move on to a conversation about how working as a one-man-band while trying to set up lighting can hinder the communication necessary to build a rapport with your model.

Andrew also mentioned a great Digital Photo School post about the 100 Strangers Project.

We talked a bit about posing and finding light, as well as Andrew’s experiences working with models from Model Mahem.

In The Natural Portrait, Andrew shares some great tips for portrait retouching in Lightroom which led to a section of our conversation about how far you should go when retouching portraits, especially if you want to keep the resulting looking natural.

To finish Andrew gave us 5 tips for the photographer starting to shoot portraits like the ones in his new book. In brief they are:

  1. You don’t need to buy lots of extra gear – an 85mm f/1.8 prime for a full-sized sensor camera or 50mm for a crop factor camera may be all you need
  2. Get your model in the shade!
  3. Shoot at the end of the day
  4. Find a good background – i.e. scout good locations
  5. Communicate with your model and build rapport

You can get your copy of The Natural Portrait from Andrew S. Gibson over at Craft & Vision.

Keep up with Andrew and his wealth of photography education related information

Here’s a sample photograph from The Natural Portrait too.

The Natural Portrait by Andrew S. Gibson

The Natural Portrait by Andrew S. Gibson

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New Release: Craft & Vision PHOTOGRAPH – Issue #2!

New Release: Craft & Vision PHOTOGRAPH – Issue #2!

Today Issue #2 of the incredible new digital magazine from Craft & Vision was released. Once again, I’m a little embarrassed to sing its praises, as I have a regular column in PHOTOGRAPH, but this month, it is a total honor and a privilege to also be one of the featured artists, alongside Andy Biggs and Chris Orwig.

There are articles from David duChemin, Nicole S. Young, John Paul Caponigro, Al Smith, Jay Goodrich, Piet Van den Eynde, Younes Bounhar, Kevin Clark, Chris Orwig as well as my article.

There are of course no ads or sponsor messages, so this is 122 pages of pure Photography, and all for a little more than the price of a coffee. Download Issue #2 of PHOTOGRAPH for USD $8 or buy a 1-Year Subscription with the links below Issue #2 after the jump, and get four issues for the price of three (save USD $8)!

Oh, and that cover image is one of mine too! I’m really stoked to be on the cover! 🙂


PhotoIssue2_Coverspread_NEWPhotoIssue2_Spread-3 PhotoIssue2_Spread-2

PhotoIssue2_Spread-4 PhotoIssue2_Spread-1