Quick Update, but Sorry, No Podcast this Week!

Quick Update, but Sorry, No Podcast this Week!

Sorry folks, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to make time for a Podcast this week. I’ll try to catch up later, but things have been a little hectic to say the least.

It’s amazing how little time I’m finding myself with now that I don’t have a day job to go to — despite working about 70 hours a week for the last month or so! I’m not complaining of course, I love my life now! But there’s so much to do, getting a business started, it’s unbelievable.

One of the things that takes time is that every document that I send out is having to be made from scratch, so I’m creating templates of everything. It will all be easier next time of course, but there’s a lot of time overhead here.  I’ve also had a lot of administration work as I align to my new tax accountants way of doing things. He’s so much more detailed than my last accountant, which is great, but taking time getting aligned.

I’m almost done with the preparation for the Exhibition next week. All the printing is done, and all images that require frames are in them. I wrote my profile out today in English, then translated it to Japanese, to post on the wall of the gallery.

I still have to create all the caption cards, and the video slideshow, but that’s going to have to wait until next Tuesday and Wednesday now, because another reason I’ve been so busy is I’ve been preparing for a portrait shoot at a Christmas Party tomorrow night.

Basically the company I used to work for have given me a large room in the corner of a restaurant they’re chartering for the evening, and I’m going to set up a full studio to do short portrait sessions of the party goers. I currently have three sessions booked and will be punting to try and get more interested families in during off times.

I’ve just profiled my projector when projecting an image onto a 20×30″ blank white canvas. I’m going to shoot tethered right into Lightroom and have the images come up at 20×30 as they arrive on my laptop. That will give the subjects an instant view of what’s coming in, and hopefully give rise to some surprised and happy faces to shoot. It will of course also give them an idea of what the images will look like when printed onto a canvas, which might lead to some canvas sales. 🙂

Then on Saturday I have another portrait shoot, and small versions of the images from all of the shoots have to be delivered to my clients by the end of next Monday, for use on their New Year postcards. Luckily I have until the start of next year to fulfill any additional print orders that I might get, so I have Tuesday and Wednesday to finalize preparation for my exhibition and then I’ll be setting the gallery up on Wednesday night. I can’t wait!

By the way, I printed out a 2×6′ banner for the entrance to my temporary studio tomorrow. It was great seeing my kneeling man logo coming out of the printer in true “Super-size Me” fashion!

Super-Size Me!

Super-Size Me!

Here’s the finished banner laid out on the floor, with the rest of the gear ready to load to the car tomorrow.

2x6' Banner

2×6′ Banner

I’m hoping to be able to report back on how the Xmas Party shoots go next week. It’s going to be a LOT of fun. 🙂

Anyway, I’d better get off for now. I just thought I’d give you an update before I hit the sack.

Cheers for now!