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Trading Places – with Nicholas Kitto – Part Two (Podcast 704)

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In this two-part series, I’m delighted to bring you a conversation with my very good friend Nicholas Kitto, who’s here to tell us about the life experiences that led to the release of his new book entitled Trading Places – a photographic journey through China’s former Treaty Ports. This is a truly fascinating conversation made especially so by the fact that Nick and his family are a part of the history that he shares in wonderful detail throughout this conversation.

Nicholas Kitto

At nearly two hours, I’ve split the conversation into two parts and released the first part last week. Here is a brief outline of our conversation. As it was not scripted there is no full text for these two episodes, so please listen with the audio player above.

Part One (Episode 703)

  • We start with a conversation about Nick’s background and what led him to be in Hong Kong, via a few other countries.
  • Nick also shares how he got into photography.
  • What is a Treaty Port and where the initial interest in the ports from?
  • Nick then goes into wonderful detail about his new book.

Part Two

  • We talk through the photographs that Nick sent me with some lovely anecdotes that link us directly to Nick’s history and the book itself.
  • How difficult was it to actually get the book published?
  • Where can people find the book? (see below)
  • Where can people connect with you? (see below)

You can see details of Nick’s new book Trading Places here:

You can find Nick on Instagram here:

I will also alert Nick to any comments that you might post, so feel free to ask Nick questions directly below in the blog comments.

Nick’s Images

Show Notes

Trading Places website:

Nick on Instagram:

Music by Martin Bailey


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