Hokkaido Winter Landscape Photography Adventure Video (Podcast 572)

by | May 8, 2017 | Podcast, Videos, Workshops | 6 comments

I’m really proud to be able to share a video of our 2017 Hokkaido Winter Landscape Photography Adventure Tour with you today. I have been looking forward to releasing this since we completed the tour in January 2017.

I invited Australian videographer Rob Bampton along, to capture our antics during the tour on video, so that I could share what we get up to with you. I have to admit, I was not expecting the results to absolutely blow me away, but they did. I knew Rob was going to do a great job. That’s why I asked him to do this, but at dinner on the last night, Rob showed us a two minute preview of some of his footage, and believe me, the jaw of everyone in the group was on the floor.

Rob then had to go and do some other jobs while he was in Japan, and I went off to do my two Japan winter wildlife tours, so the footage sat until March, when we both freed up a little and could start working on the video. Rob did most of the editing, with some feedback from me, then I did some final tweaking and created the music.

I uploaded the final version of the video to our Vimeo account last week, and I’ve already let many people know via our social channels, but for those of you that listen to the podcast, and don’t follow me on any of the social networks, I’m releasing a placeholder episode of the podcast today, basically to point you to the video.

So, if you haven’t already seen the video, please do check it out below. Grab a drink, turn up your speakers, and go full screen, then welcome to my world.

The video turned out to really capture the essence of the tour, and the feeling of what it’s like to be in Hokkaido photographing the amazing minimalist landscapes that we experience there. Rob was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is professional and fun to be around, and his skill at flying a drone is pretty awesome too, as you’ll see in the video. If you need some videography or photography done, for that matter, check out Rob’s web site at http://www.robbampton.com.au.

I’m pretty proud of the music that I created for this video too. I know that it’s not photography related, but as I know that some of you enjoy creating music too, plus the fact that this just really helps to avoid copyright strikes, even for music that is legally licensed, I am now finding myself creating my own music for videos, as part of my career as a photographer. So, if people are interest in hearing more about my process and tools used, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll put a video together to walk you through the making of my Hokkaido track.

Although we’re selling the remaining places pretty quickly, if you would like to join us for the 2018 or future Hokkaido Winter Landscape Photography Adventure, you can see details and book on the tour page at https://mbp.ac/hlpa.

Hokkaido Winter Landscape Photography Adventure 2018

Hokkaido Winter Landscape Photography Adventure 2018


Show Notes

See the video on Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/215662556

Details of the Hokkaido Winter Landscape Adventure: https://mbp.ac/hlpa

Rob Hampton’s web site: http://www.robbampton.com.au

Music by Martin Bailey


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  1. Julian Baird

    I’ve been hearing about this workshop for years via the podcast but it’s fantastic to get a taster of it in this great video. Thanks for sharing. If I could get a spare two weeks away from my family, I would have already signed up! lol

    • Martin Bailey

      Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment Julian.

      That’s what I really like about this video. It gives people a very accurate look at what we get up to, in the environment, rather than just looking at the resulting photos with my commentary.

  2. janet webster

    Martin, you are such an inspiration. Rob’s video is lovely but I really enjoyed seeing your passion for this intriguing landscape. Thanks for all the work you share.
    Regards, Janet

    • Martin Bailey

      Aww, thanks Janet. I’m pleased that came across. I am very passionate about this landscape, and this tour. I love all the tours that I do, but the locations we visit on this trip are very special to me.

      I hope all is well.


  3. Karl

    This video makes me want to come back to Japan for a third tour with Martin. The first two wildlife tours were spectacular and I got some great photos, but maybe it is time for a change of pace….

    • Martin Bailey

      Hee hee, that’s great Karl. You’d really enjoy this tour.


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