In Conversation with Randy dela Fuente of Snapizzi

In Conversation with Snapizzi’s Randy dela Fuente (Podcast 495)

This week I’m really happy to bring you a conversation with the Randy dela Fuente, the Founder and CEO of Snapizzi, a service that makes managing images from your event and school photography shoots an absolute breeze.

Having spent 25 years as a high volume photographer, Randy’s wide breadth of industry knowledge and experience helped build Snapizzi into a product that is transforming the lives and businesses of photographers worldwide.

Read more about The Story Behind Snapizzi here.

In our conversation Martin asks Randy about the following, and we go off on a few cool tangents as well… 🙂

  • First, what is Snapizzi?
  • What is involved in preparing to shoot an event or project?
  • The school photo shoot management looks awesome too. Tell us how this works?
  • As I’ve not used Zenfolio, could you tell us the sort of options available to the photographer for actually selling the images to the customer?
  • What led to Randy becoming the CEO of Snapizzi?
  • Tell us a little bit more about your background Randy?
  • Can you give us three tips for successfully shooting an Event?
    • Improve your business skills
    • Get out from behind the camera
    • It’s easier to get 1,000 people to give you a dollar than to get one person to give you $1,000
  • Tell us about the Snapizzi pricing models?
  • Which services do you currently plug into and what do you have lined up for the coming months?
  • Can you give my listeners a discount? (See below!)

Snapizzi Makes Managing School and Event Shoots a Breeze!

Using just a business card, and powered by patented technology, Snapizzi enables event photographers to automatically match customers to their photos.

Snapizzi Bullet Points

Customers simply go to the photographer’s website and enter the number from the card to easily find and order their photos. No additional hardware, software, or tethering is required—just your camera and the coded Snapizzi cards you create.

Think of Snapizzi as a “plug-in” for today’s most popular photo-hosting websites. Our first integration is with the Award-Winning platform, Zenfolio.

Discount Codes

Randy has kindly provided us with a discount of 30% off your monthly Snapizzi subscription of $39 for the first 4 months. The code to enter when signing up is: MBP304

If you are new to Zenfolio, you can also get 25% off a new Zenfolio subscription using the code: SNAPZEN25


Show Notes

For more details see:

Music by Martin Bailey


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