Quality of Light with Darlene Hildebrandt (Podcast 451)

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Today we bring you a great conversation with photographer and educator Darlene Hildebrandt, with lots of advice on the quality of light, making the most of shooting with natural light, and some great off-camera flash tips as well.

Darlene Hildebrandt

Darlene Hildebrandt

Here are a few bullet points from our conversation, but you need to listen to get the rest this week.

  • Darlene shares a little about her background and education in photography 
  • We discuss Darlene’s new Portrait Lighting on Location course
  • A discussion about the quality of light, and what this means to Darlene
  • Using natural light, off-camera flash, reflectors and diffusers
  • Darlene gave us five tips for seeing and utilising the best light
    • Find the “good” light, get out of the sun
    • Look for a good background
    • Examine the direction of light and use it to your advantage
    • Look for “open shade” whenever possible
    • Work smarter not harder

The Portrait Lighting on Location course is 25 videos and over 240 pages of course notes, and it’s all incredibly well produced and laid out, to help you make the most of the content.

It usually retails for $149 but will be on sale at $99 from Dec 8 (from 9am PST) to Dec 12, 2014, for those of you that pick up this episode early.

If you miss the sale, you can still get a 25% discount off the regular price by using the code MBP25!

You can also view a free lesson on Portrait Lighting Patterns here.

You can find Darlene online on these social networks…

Facebook: digitalphotomentor
Google Plus: +DarleneHildebrandt
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dpmentor

And here are a few example portrait photographs from the course.

Virtual-lighting-course-August14-0265 Virtual-lighting-course-August14-0385 Virtual-lighting-course-August14-0390 Virtual-lighting-course-August14-0458-1440px

Show Notes

You can find Darlene on Facebook here: digitalphotomentor

And Google Plus here: +DarleneHildebrandt

Darlene on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dpmentor

See details of Darlene’s Portrait Lighting on Location course here: https://mbp.ac/plol

Music by Martin Bailey


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