Podcast 337 : The Annular Eclipse Video with Music by Milo Volt

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This week I thought I’d share a video I created last week with footage from the May 21 annular eclipse. A small iPhone version will go into the Podcast feed, but the below video will go full screen for as high as 1080p Full HD, so select as much resolution as your bandwidth can handle and go full screen!

Also, make sure you turn up your speakers. I’m particular proud of this video because my friend Milo Volt agreed for me to use his wonderful track “I’m Still Here” to accompany my video and still photographs.

When I came up with the idea of embedding ten of my still shots of the eclipse, as well as the powerful visual of the dark clouds skating across the sky, I knew I wanted a some music that was both powerful and yet tender for this, and Milo’s music jumped into my head. I was really pleased that I was able to edit the 10 minute traverse of the sun and moon across the frame down to 4:21 to accompany the music. I think they complement each other quite well. Thanks again Milo, and all the best to you my friend!

Anyway, take a look/listen and see what you think.

And here are the 10 photos that I embed into the video. Make your browser screen as wide as it will go, then click on the images and navigate with your mouse or arrow keys, to view the images as large as possible and see most detail.

Annular Eclipse May 21 2012

Annular Eclipse May 21 2012

Annular Eclipse May 21 2012

Annular Eclipse May 21 2012

Annular Eclipse May 21 2012

Annular Eclipse May 21 2012

Annular Eclipse May 21 2012

Annular Eclipse May 21 2012

Annular Eclipse May 21 2012

Annular Eclipse May 21 2012


Show Notes

Music used with kind permission from Milo Volt: http://milovolt.com

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