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Dry Bag Video Screenshot

Podcast 285 : Keeping Your Camera Gear Dry with SealLine Dry Bags

Podcast 284 : Keeping Dry in Antarctica with Neos Adventurer Overshoes
Some Cool New Profoto and Westcott Light Modifiers

Following on from the last video, here’s a look at how I kept my camera bag, and of course that means my camera equipment, dry during our Zodiac rides in the Antarctic recently. You often take waves over the side of the Zodiac, and even just the spray from waves can be pretty nasty, and before you know it, you not only have a wet camera bag, but the bottom of the boat is swimming in seawater.

Using something like the SealLine Boundary Pack 115L Dry Bag will not only keep your bag and your gear dry, but it will float should you end up in the water. I found SealLine to be very good build quality, and great value for money, and can highly recommend them for a similar trip.

You can also view the embedded video right here on your iPad, thanks to Vimeo!

Don’t forget to hit the full-screen button Full-Screen Button in the video window to view the video, erm, full-screen.

Note that there is an iPod/iPhone version of this video in iTunes, which is good for portability, but if you’re watching on a computer, the video above is better.

SealLine Boundary Pack 115L Dry Bag: https://mbp.ac/sldry (Amazon.com affiliate Link)

Kiboko Bag from Guragear: https://mbp.ac/gg

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Podcast 284 : Keeping Dry in Antarctica with Neos Adventurer Overshoes
Some Cool New Profoto and Westcott Light Modifiers
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