A Few Pics from the Antarctic

by | Apr 2, 2011 | Art Talk, Workshops | 8 comments

Hi All,

After 13 days at sea, with six or so in the infamous Drake Passage, I’m now sitting comfortably in the Jetty Visitor Center in Stanley, the Falklands Islands, with a loaded Wifi Ticket, and I’m gonna use it!

With Skyping home high on my priority list, I thought I’d also throw up a few pics from the last 13 days, since leaving Ushuaia, on the Southern tip of Argentina.

Here’s a shot of the moon, rising over the Beagle Channel, towards the mouth to the Drake Passage.

Moonrise Over the Beagle Channel

Moonrise Over the Beagle Channel

And here’s a couple of Gentoo penguins confirming their undying love for each other.

Gentoo Penguins Courting

Gentoo Penguins Courting

This is a view from Gentoo Point, complete with Gentoo Penguins, looking out across the bleak but beautiful Antarctica landscape. It’s a 2 minute exposure, hence the smoothed over sea and cloud movement. Black and white conversion was done with the new Silver Efex Pro 2, from Nik Software. Amazing!

Antarctica from Gentoo Point

Antarctica from Gentoo Point

By the way, I had to bribe each penguin with a fix to get them to stand still for two minutes.

This is a shot of a Humpback Whale’s nostrils.

Humback Whale's Nostrils

Humback Whale’s Nostrils

We had a day in the Penola Strait with four pods of two or three whale’s each. Here’s a shot of a Humpback Whale’s tail, between us and one of the other Zodiacs. What a day!

How Close!?

How Close!?

This is a fur seal, posing for us on the snow.

Fur Seal Posing

Fur Seal Posing

And here, to finish for now, is an iceberg, near the Vernadsky Station.



You can check our coordinates, that are updated almost dailey, on David Burren’s web site here:


I’ll be offline again for a few week’s now, as we dance around the Falklands coast, and then up the Patagonia coast before returning on April 18th. I’ll be updating you with more details and photos then.

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  1. Rod Adams

    Awesome work as always Martin! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glenn Guy

    Hi Martin, Glad to see you’re doing well. You’ve made some amazing images. I particularly love the 2 minute time exposure. It’s a classic, an absolute ‘bobby dazzler’.

    Stay safe, warm and happy. Look forward to catching up down the track.

  3. Landon Michaelson

    Great teasers Martin. Looking forward to what more you come back with. Thanks for sharing.

  4. David Lee

    Looks like an amazing journey and good timing to travel! Best of luck on the rest of the trip and an uneventful return home.

  5. jake

    love the pic’s

  6. Martin Bailey

    Thanks all!

    I just came up for air in Puerto Madryn at Peninsula Valdes in Argentina. Just a few more days of the expedition left.

    It’s been amazing. I’ll find a few more pics and post a quick update after this, before heading back to the ship.



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