Podcast 278 : “In the Big Forest” – a Chat with Brad Striebig

by | Mar 4, 2011 | Podcast | 3 comments

Associate Professor of Engineering at James Madison University, Virginia and co-author of the book “In the Big Forest”, about the role of photography in such a project.

Because this was a recorded chat, there is no transcript for this Podcast. Below though are the links that we mention, and the three images of Brad’s that we discussed.

Listen to our chat with this player:

Two Young Boys - © Brad Striebig

Two Young Boys – © Brad Striebig

Catherine and Child - © Brad Striebig

Catherine and Child – © Brad Striebig

Mother and Child - © Brad Striebig

Mother and Child – © Brad Striebig

Podcast show-notes:

Blog post: https://mbp.ac/278

Buy the book at: http://www.inthebigforest.org [link no longer valid]

Brad’s Photography Page: http://www.yovophoto.com

Music from Music Alley: http://www.musicalley.com/


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  1. Damian

    Great podcast, there are ways that we should all be more philanthropic in life and it’s good to hear from the moral side where photography can be used for change and not just for making money (although money is good too :).

    “The property of power is to protect”
    – Blaise Pascal

  2. Brad Striebig


    Thanks for having me on the podcast. Your listeners have been great, several have already helped us and investigated our book.

    I felt a bit guilty about not getting into more details of the photography. So, I’ve posted a detailed description of the camera settings and processing steps I used to create the photo of the mother and child of Zoungbomey. Anyone who is interested can find those details here:


    Thanks again for all your help. Have a great trip to the deep (frozen) south!


  3. Joe Kramarz

    You amaze me with what you are doing. I am so pleased to have worked with you with the Nez Perce.


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