Canon Mugs!

by | May 1, 2010 | Musings, OMG! | 28 comments

It felt very strange taking a soapy sponge to my new 24-105mm F4 and 70-200mm F4 lenses this morning!

These turned up yesterday from, after a short wait for stock to arrive.

Canon Lens Mugs

Canon Lens Mugs

After washing them, I tried the 24-105mm for a cup of coffee with lunch.

Canon 24-105mm F4 Lens Mug

Canon 24-105mm F4 Lens Mug

Although the plastic taste might wear off in time, I’m probably going to demote the 24-105mm to a pen holder. The coffee didn’t taste good at all.

The 70-200mm has a stainless steel or aluminum inside, so it probably fine to drink from. I’ll find out next week when I take it to be filled up at Starbucks. Doh! I hate to see people walking around with Starbucks cups in the street, pretending to be the cast of Friends!

Luckily, I’ll just look like I’m holding my stylish Canon 70-200mm F4 Lens very carefully! 🙂

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  1. Tom Schmitt

    Ha! Screw on a filter and the coffee in there will last forever!

  2. Landon

    So do drinks taste better in L mugs? 😉
    The world needs some Nikkor mugs.

  3. Rick

    I need one of those!

  4. Martin Bailey

    Hee hee. I’m sure we’ll see some Nikor lens mugs at some point too.

    The coffee from the 24-105 actually tastes horrible, L lens or not. It’s now a pen holder, which it does a good job of too. 🙂

  5. John

    is what you ordered at the same product given during the winter olympics?

  6. Martin Bailey

    Hi John,

    A message on their site says yes, it’s the same product.


  7. Randall

    ordered some mugs for my canon fans, a couple were defective, emailed canonmugs- Yu Zhang for replacements, not heard from him since.

    Anyone knows if he is still in business?

  8. Martin Bailey

    Hi Randall,

    That’s unfortunate. They were still doing business a week or so ago, as they sent out a prize for a giveaway that I did without delay.

    I just mailed and pointed them to this thread. If all is well, I’m sure they’ll be in touch shortly.


  9. Randall


    Thank you for your reply.

    Just got a reply from the vendor – the late reply was attributed to some Chinese Festival in China. I had thought he was located in Canada even though my shipments had come from China.

    He said that he would replace the defective mugs that was part of my order but not the defective freebie 70-200 mug which was a bonus.

    I can’t really understand the logic though – no replacement for a defective bonus mug.



  10. Martin Bailey

    I’m pleased to hear they got back to you Randall. It is a little strange that they won’t replace the freebie, but I guess if you didn’t pay for it in the first place I can kind of see where they’re coming from.

    Anyway, I hope your replacements are good.


  11. rachel

    Hi Martin,

    How long did it for u to receive the mugs? I ordered mine on 9th june and hasnt gotten anything 🙁 emailed the person and there is no reply at all.. i wonder if its a scam 🙁 so sad..i paid for much for 3 mugs!

  12. Martin Bailey

    Hi Rachel,

    Unless they have been very good to begin with, just to scam people later, I think you’ll be fine.

    I’ll mail them pointing out your comment as well. Hopefully they will get back to you shortly.


  13. Don Ramos

    I ordered the Canon 70-200mm mug on June 10, 2010 but did not receive the item yet.

  14. Martin Bailey

    OK, I’ll mail them to see what is happening Don.

  15. CanonMugs

    Hey guys

    we apologies for the email reply delay in the previous couple of days. Now everything’s back to normal. please email if you have any issues regarding your order or delivery etc. all emails will be responded within 12-24 hours
    thank you Martin for let us know the issue and we appreciate it.

  16. Don Ramos

    My Canon 70-200mm mug received today. Thanks.

  17. Martin Bailey

    Great! Thanks for letting me know Don. I hope you enjoy your mug! 🙂

  18. Freya

    Hi, I ordered a mug for my husbands birthday next week its been three weeks since my order and I finally recevied the tracking number for my delivery last night. But it came two days too late as the parcel was returned to sender on the 17th. So disappointed and I have no idea how they could have gotten the adress wrong. All the detasils on the order are correct. I so hope they send it again asap.

    Sounds like the mugs are great and I know he’ll love it.

  19. Martin Bailey

    Ooh, that’s annoying. Sorry to hear that Freya.

    There seem to be a lot of these small issues with people getting their mugs. There heart’s are certainly in the right place, but I get the feeling that the demand has overtaken the company’s size and ability to fulfill orders.

    They do make everything right, and certainly aren’t conning anyone, but the timing does seem to be an issue.

    I’m sure you’re husband will love the mug when he finally gets it.


  20. Freya

    Hi Martin, Thanks for providing this forum and for your response to my earlier post. This forum gave me hope that it wasn’t a con.

    I never recevied a reply from Yu Zhang but they did manage to resend the parcel to me in time (it arrived Tuesday). I gave my husband the mug this morning for his birthday and he absolutely loves it!

    Cheers, Freya

  21. Devrim


    I ordered mine on August 16, 2010 and recieved neither mug nor a tracking number. I thought it was a scam until I discovered this blog. I’m keeping my hope to receive soon 😕


  22. Devrim

    Hi again,

    At last I got the mugs I’ve ordered. Looks good but I don’t like the quality of 40 USD each (made in china). At last I got an expensive pencil holder 😕


  23. Amos

    I have recently ordered a 70-200mm thermos from them and asked for a tracking number. Till now they have not replied my email. I wonder if something went wrong? I sent it to them a couple of times along with my order number already.

  24. Amos

    Erm..its been nearly 2 weeks since i paid them and asked for a tracking number. whats going on?

  25. Martin Bailey


    If you ordered the 24-105, I agree. Mine became a pencil holder too. The 70-200 is great though. I use it all the time. That’s why this giveaway was only for the 70-200mm as well.


    I’ll drop them a line to see what’s happening, but I am not a representative of this company, so I can’t tell you myself.

  26. Martin Bailey

    NOTE: I’m going to lock this thread to comments now. I share your frustration with the length of delivery time from this company, but would like people to note that we do not represent this company in any way.

    Although they seem to be a trustworthy company, and people do seem to be getting their mugs in the end, there is no doubt that people are seeing problems with delivery speed. Based on this we decided not to do any further giveaways of their products for the foreseeable future.

    If you have problems with this company yourself, please contact them directly at