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Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

An Interview with Scott Bourne (Podcast 185)

Winter Wonderland Workshop 2009 #5 (Podcast 184)
Snow Monkeys (The Japanese Macaque) (Podcast 187)

Today I’m honored, humbled, and totally thrilled to bring you a chat with Scott Bourne.

I’m sure there isn’t a listener to this show that hasn’t heard of Scott Bourne. Scott is a new media producer, consultant, photographer, author, lecturer, teacher, technology enthusiast, and president of Bourne Media Group. Today I’m honored, humbled, and really excited to welcome Scott Bourne to the show…

Show Notes

See Scott’s “Cranes in the Fire Mist” photograph here: http://twipphoto.com/archives/1816

Find Scott’s new Managing Your Digital Life site and Podcast at:

Visit the This Week in Photography Web site and Podcast: http://TWIPPHOTO.COM

Follow Scott on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ScottBourne

Also, Scott has a critique site that is very insightful: http://scottcritiques.com/

The music in this episode is from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network at http://music.podshow.com/


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Michael Rammell

Posted on behalf of Martin by Michael Rammell, a Wedding Photographer based in Berkshire, England. Michael also has a long-standing passion for Nature & Landscape photography. To catch up with Michael, visit his Web site, and follow him on the following social networking services.

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Winter Wonderland Workshop 2009 #5 (Podcast 184)
Snow Monkeys (The Japanese Macaque) (Podcast 187)
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