Father & Daughter

Roundtable #2 (Podcast 111)

Welcome to the second Roundtable. This it has taken a little longer than I’d hoped to get around to doing another, but hopefully we’ll make up for that with a great episode for you today.

I am really pleased to say that after a false start for the last roundtable, from Washington State in the US, we have Landon Michaelson. Welcome Landon!

Also joining from Toronto, Canada is Holly Sisson. Welcome Holly!

And from Idaho, USA we’re joined by Phil Peck.

Landon is going to talk about Long Exposures, ND and painting with time.

Holly is going to talk about her new business and shooting families, children and couples and the challenges that come with the job.

Phil is going to talk about using Lightroom to process your work quickly.

And I’ll be talking about letting the excitement of the location or subject affect your image editing, that is, which images make it through your selection process and which don’t.

Here are the referenced files courtesy of Landon Michaelson:

PDF Icon PDF Icon PDF Icon
Long Exposure PDF Dark Frame Subtraction PDF ND Chart PDF

And here are the photos we discuss:

Calm Blue Morning
Calm Blue Morning
Passing Time
Passing Time
Jeff & Krista
Jeff & Krista


Jeff & Krista

Jeff & Krista

Father & Daughter

Father & Daughter


Show Notes

Find Holly Sisson’s work at: http://www.hollysissonphotography.com/

Find Phil Peck’s work on Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/philpeck/

Phil also has a blog page here: http://www.2point33gallons.com/

The online printing service that Phil plugged can be found here: http://www.moo.com

Landon Michaelson’s Web site is http://www.bksecret.com

Landon’s work can be found on Flickr too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bksecretphoto/


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