I knew from day one that Martin’s tour was way beyond what I had experienced on other tours. I’ve struggled to single out why and concluded that it was Martin’s wonderfully collaborative approach and enthusiasm for each of the locations we photographed. He shared his vision freely, and at the same time encouraged each participant to develop their personal vision. He (and his co-leader Rich) worked with us on specific techniques to accomplish our perfect images, and I came away with a body of work that I am truly proud of.

Namibia is a beautiful country, with grand landscapes that are not always easy to capture. With coaching and support from Martin, Rich and other participants my ability to translate what I was seeing into an artful image developed daily.

As an aside, the accommodations were beautiful and fun… and be sure to diet before you join the tour as there is never a time when delicious and rich food is not tempting you!

Gerry Keshka