Morocco Slideshow Video (Podcast 628)

Morocco Slideshow Video (Podcast 628)

For this week’s post, I’ve produced a video to showcase Morocco, containing fifty-something images from last year’s Tour & Workshop that I ran. As I’m running over time-wise, as is often the case when I create the music too, I’ve put a small version of the video in the Podcast feed, but the full-sized 4K version is below for you to check out.

As usual, the music is a bit rushed, but it should complement the video, so grab a cuppa, turn up your speakers, and sit back for a four-minute tour of Morocco!

Morocco Portfolio

You can also view most of these photos at your own pace in my Morocco Portfolio if you are interested. 

2018 Morocco Tour

We have actually had a few cancellations for this year’s Morocco Tour & Workshop, so if you might like to join us in November, check out the tour page here:

Morocco Tour & Workshop 2018

Show Notes

See details of our Morocco Tour here:

Music by Martin Bailey

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